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Dan's Southern Collard Greens

Dan’s Southern Collard Greens

Well butter my buns, and call me a biscuit! It’s time for another Dan-tastic recipe with Dan’s southern collard greens. Southern collard greens are well a staple of Southern cooking, and for good reason. Well done collard greens are the stuff of legends, slightly bitter with a mellow and slight earthiness. This is often the dish that separates “real” Southerners from “wannabe”. If you cook a lot of fried chicken, corn pudding, fried green tomatoes and cheese grits but never touch the greens then you’d be doing a disservice to yourself. Dan’s Southern collard greens is one of the best versions, and you’ll be a bonfided Southern after just one bite.

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Black Beans

Black Beans

Beans, beans, magical fruit. Well you know the rest but these black beans are so Dan good you will want them for every meal! Savory, and packed with flavor, these go well with so many things. Try them with philly cheese steak nachos to take them to the next level, or with the prime rib burrito or cheesy sirloin crunchwrap. Now for some history! Black beans are one of more than 500 varieties of kidney beans. They’re native to the Americas but have been popular in other cultures since trade was established. One nickname for black bean is the turtle bean. Black beans are most popular in Cajun, and creole cookin’, while also being popular in Indian, and Tamil cuisine as well.

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Pull apart Garlic Breads

Pull apart Garlic Bread

Be the star of your next dinner with these pull apart garlic bread! Warm and soft garlicky flavor packed garlic bread that pairs wonderfully with pasta and pizza. The best part of these pull apart garlic bread is how easy they are to make. All you really need is some canned biscuits, Dan-O’s Original, butter, a little garlic, and your favorite cheeses! If you wanna try a different style of pull apart garlic bread then why not try some Dan-O’s crunchy? That’s that Yum Yum Get Ya Sum!

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Cheesy Cauliflower Steaks

Cheesy Cauliflower Steaks

Slice cauliflower head in half, then slice a 2” section from the larger end
Place on baking sheet and coat both sides with olive oil and Dan-O’s Original
Bake at 400 F for 15 minutes
Flip cauliflower, top with mozzarella cheese and Dan-O’s crunchy
Bake until the cheese is melted.

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Accordian Potatoes (viral tiktok recipe)

Accordion Potatoes (Viral TikTok Recipe)

Who would have thought anything involving an accordion would be popular? These accordion potatoes are a viral sensation on tiktok and for good reason. Who doesn’t love crispy potatoes coated in that Yum Yum Get Ya Sum and the texture of a waffle fry? Accordion potatoes seem intimidating to make but they’re actually quite easy but that won’t stop you from impressing your guests when you serve them some!

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Bonjour! Today’s recipe has us visiting Belgium for one of their most popular vegetables, Brussels Sprouts! We’re making roasted brussels sprouts straight on the stalk, but you could just use pre-cut brussels sprouts if that’s all you can find. Brussels sprouts have always been a controversial vegetable, you either love or hate them. But if you’re a hater, let this recipe change your mind. Fresh roasted sprouts with a little kick of heat and tons of flavor from the Spicy Dan-O’s dipped in cooling ranch is just heaven on your taste buds.

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Muffin Pan Deviled Eggs

Muffin Pan Deviled Eggs

Muffin pan deviled eggs is a fast and easy way to make a large batch of these devilishly good treats! Deviled eggs are a popular food among Southern party spreads, whether it’s the holidays or just a social gathering, you can bet your buns some form of deviled eggs is going to be there. What makes these muffin pans deviled eggs such a breeze is our muffin pan hack, you simply throw in the egg whites then top with a delicious egg yolk spread! Dan-O’s Crunchy gives these a little texture and some mouthwatering savoriness in every bite.

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Gravlax (Swedish Cured Salmon)

Hej, are you hungry? Then look no further than Gravlax! Gravlax salmon is cured with salt and sugar. The flavor lies somewhere in between the taste of sashimi salmon and smoked salmon mixed with gentle herbs like dill. Gravlax takes about 36 to 48 hours to cure, but it makes for a great party appetizer! If you’re a fan of lox and bagels, then you gotta do yourself a favor and try out Gravlax next!

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Dan-O’s Seasoning Easy Side Dishes 

It’s no secret we love making proteins, but sides can really make a meal! You will always find us making a variety of easy side dishes to go with your Dan Good proteins or to appease the vegetarians in your circle. 

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