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Dan-O’s Original Baked Chicken Thighs

Dan-O’s Original Baked Chicken Thighs

Flavors Used:

The Chicken Thighs Recipe That Started it All

The recipe that started it all! This quick and easy, bone-in, skin-on seasoned chicken thighs recipe is well-known throughout the Dan-O’s community, and a company favorite. Dan-O’s Seasoning was started as a chicken seasoning with this very recipe. This chicken recipe has even gone viral a few times, with several social media celebrities joining in on the fun! All you need is a cast-iron skillet, chicken thighs, and the fresh herbs and spices from Dan-O’s Seasoning!

20 years ago Dan Oliver, our company’s founder, began experimenting with different seasonings to put on some chicken while he was in college. After years of playing around with different ingredients, Dan created his final version of this seasoning and he used this roasted chicken thighs recipe to test it. That version became what is now known as Dan-O’s Original Seasoning. If you’re interested, read about the full history of our seasoning.

Perfectly Cooked Chicken Thighs With the Perfect Chicken Seasoning

This chicken thighs recipe just requires you to coat the chicken with a little olive oil, and some Dan-O’s Seasoning. You don’t even need salt and pepper or any other seasoning like garlic powder or onion powder. Dan-O’s makes the perfect chicken seasoning. From there, they go in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Many folks think that this might be too long for chicken, but trust it! It takes some time for all the fat to render in the thighs, and the bone and skin keep the chicken nice and juicy. Once they are done, you have a perfect weeknight dinner for the whole family.

Inexpensive Chicken Thighs Recipe That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

And there you have it! Perfectly seasoned, inexpensive chicken thighs with a crispy skin that the whole family can enjoy. No messy oil, no takeout food, and Dan-Good! Not only that, this is the chicken thighs recipe that Dan Oliver created Dan-O’s almost 2 decades ago. Try it out, and let us know how you like it! Also, be sure to check out all of our other chicken recipes on our website and on Youtube using our amazing chicken seasoning. If you really love chicken thighs, check out our article about what makes chicken thighs the best cut of chicken.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Bone-in, Skin-on Chicken thighs – These are easy to find in just about any grocery store. They are also often less expensive than other types of chicken like chicken breasts.
  • Dan-O’s Original Seasoning – The key ingredient in making these chicken thighs flavor-rich. All of these wonderful all-natural ingredients combined make a super tasty herb crust on the outside of the chicken.
  • Olive Oil – Extra virgin olive oil is the preferred type of oil for the best results and a crispy skin crust.

The Benefits of Eating Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are not only a good source of protein, but they also contain vitamin B, thiamine, vitamin B12, and niacin. Protein helps your body feel fuller and it is fundamental to building muscle. Vitamin B12 gives you more natural energy while niacin helps regulate your body’s metabolism. These chicken thighs are also baked so they are a much healthier alternative than fried chicken.

What to Serve With These Chicken Thighs?

The options for what you serve with these chicken thighs are endless. You could easily serve any type of cooked veggies such as green beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, corn, or more. To add some carbs serve with roasted potatoes, macaroni and cheese, or rice. Check out all of our side dish recipes for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if my chicken thighs are done?

The easiest way to tell if your chicken is fully cooked is by using a meat thermometer. This will give an instant readout of the exact temperature of your chicken. Your chicken needs to reach an internal temperature of 165°F.

What if I don’t have a meat thermometer?

If you’re cooking any meat you really should get a thermometer. This is an important part of getting an accurate reading on the internal temperature of your chicken. If you don’t have one, just make sure to wait for your oven to be fully pre-heated then leave the chicken in the oven for the full amount of time.

If my chicken is pink, does that mean it’s not done?

Not necessarily. Chicken meat, especially dark meat, can look pink even when it is cooked through. The safest way to know if your chicken is cooked to temperature is to use an instant-read meat thermometer.

What do I do if my chicken thighs are dry?

Once they are cooked to this point, there’s really no going back; However, you can always add some Dan-Good barbecue sauce to add some flavor.

Why does baked chicken get tough?

If your chicken thighs are dry, it is because they are overcooked. While you can’t go back, you can cover your mistake by serving baked chicken thighs in sauce. If you didn’t nail this chicken thighs recipe the first time, don’t worry you can always change it up a little bit.

Are chicken thighs dark meat?

Yes, chicken thighs are considered to be dark meat. The chicken breast and wings are classified as white meat.

Should I wash raw chicken?

We follow the CDC’s recommendations. The CDC’s website, says “Do not wash raw chicken. During washing, chicken juices can spread in the kitchen and contaminate other foods, utensils, and countertops”. For more info, please visit their website.

Can I use a regular nonstick skillet instead of cast iron?

Yes, but the handle has to be oven safe. Many pans like this use rubber handles that will not work in an oven. For best results, use a cast-iron skillet. They heat up very evenly and when well oiled, the chicken won’t stick.


  • 4 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs
  • Dan-O's Seasoning (Original or Spicy)
  • Olive oil

Preparation Instructions

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Now, rub on a bit of olive oil and season your chicken on both sides with Dan-O’s chicken seasoning.
  2. Cook your chicken thighs skin-up for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Carefully remove the chicken from the oven and Enjoy!


30 Responses

  1. The chicken thighs recipe is a classic. Great every time. I switch it up between spicy and original, but you can’t go wrong either way.

  2. Hi Dan and crew,
    I’m originally from Chicago living in Arizona retired! With having three major open heart surgeries in 16 years they want me to stay away from sodium as much as possible! I tried and food is bland so other Seasoning is way to salty and not much taste!!
    I saw you on tic toc tried the original and spicy seasoning it’s just like you said low sodium and packed full of great flavor!
    I tried it on chicken thighs it’s amazing thanks Dan for not quiting on your dream! Look forward to trying the rest!

  3. Used Dan’Os for the first time. I was surprised how much salt it didn’t have and how much flavor it did. Chicken was moist and crunchy. Looking forward to purchasing and using the other flavors.

  4. This is an amazing recipe. A winner for dinner for sure. I reccommend this to anyone who just bought some Dan-o’s. Do some potatoes, corn and onions with it as well with either the spicy or chipotle seasoning.

  5. Finally found some danos. Making the thighs tonight actually in oven now. Used original on 5 thighs and spicy on the other 5 making the
    Parm potatoes with the cheeseoning along with fresh corn on the cob. I’m drooling can’t wait to dig in.

    1. I saw a couple Facebook videos which let me to buying the original seasoning. Which then led me to your website which has all these awesome recipes! I’ve never liked thigh meat until now and we’ve been making this weekly in our household. Now to try your other flavors!!!

  6. I just received my first order and luckily I got bone in chicken thighs on sale at my grocery store. I’m starting with the recipe that started it all, Dan-O’s Baked Chicken Thighs!
    I followed the easy instructions, popped the pan in the oven and my house smells delicious!
    They’re the best Chicken Thighs I’ve ever tasted! Thank you Dan-O!
    I can see already that I’m going to need to buy the Bigger Bottle of Original seasoning plus try all the others.
    I need lower salt and usually means no flavor.
    Not with Dan-O’s! I’m already a fan and can’t wait to start making all your recipes!

  7. Made these for lunch and everyone loved them. I would like to try it with drumsticks 🍗 but how long would I cook them for?

  8. This was soooo damn awesome!!!!
    The whole family is hooked on all the seasonings.
    Danos absolutely ROCKS 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  9. Hey, Mr. Dan I am a old Southerner boy and I really enjoy all of your cooking videos. I haven’t been able to order any of your seasons yet. But as soon as I can I will. I’m really glad to see you have done so much for yourself please keep up the good work. God Bless you all.

    1. I wouldn’t use your cast iron on the smoker… the pan itself will hold that smoked flavor for quite a while. I’d smoke it like any other chicken you do on the smoker with it rubbed with the seasoning

  10. Just came across Dan-O’s Seasoning awhile back, and I must say that it is pretty damn good. I love the fact that it doesn’t have alot of salt, and it pretty much goes good with anything. Thanks for making a great product. #yumyumgetyasum

  11. Hey dan-O’s seasoning u just bought the spicy and original one and i love them both, great flavor and smelld good on the salmon, best seasoning ive ever tried…. cant wait to try the other ones

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