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Put Some Dan-O's On It

Image of smoked ribs after cooking

Awesome Smoked Ribs Recipe in the Orion Cooker

Dan-O got a new toy! We’ve been hearing all about these Orion Cookers, and how they make smoking your food fast and easy. We’ve already cooked chicken with it, so this time we’re making some smoked ribs for our eatin’ pleasure! We’re also doing spare ribs AND baby backs for variety.

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Cheez Its smoked with Dan-O's Seasoning and Bacon Fat - Image of ingredients

Bacon Smoked Cheez-Its Recipe

Who doesn’t love Cheez-its? Those toasty, crunchy little squares of joy. Why would we ever want to alter them? Because we can add smoke, bacon, and Dan-O’s Seasoning to them! That’s why. So here’s a bacon fat smoked cheez it recipe that’s ready to elevate one of your favorite snacks!

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Dan-O's Steak Seasoning on Kabobs

Pineapple Steak Kabobs

Sirloin and pineapple go so well together I thought I’d make a kabob with some veggies! You can use whatever veggies you like, but these all grill very nicely and the flavors go well together.

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Dan-O’s Seasoning Easy Grilling Recipes

Our easy grilling recipes are less time-consuming and labor-intensive. Dan-O’s is always ready-to-go, so you can spend less time doing prep work and more time around the barbecue with your company.

We have everything from grilled shrimp, grilled steak, grilled pork chops, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, and so much more. Dan-O’s Seasoning is perfect for some summer grilling. Whether you are a veteran barbecuer or a rookie around the grill, there are all kinds of recipes you can make for your whole party.

Just grab some Dan-O’s, some chicken breasts, or favorite protein, and you are ready to go. Dan-O’s versatile flavor profiles make it the perfect grilling seasoning. Our seasoning is also perfect for tailgating. Make Dan-O’s part of your gameday ritual.

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