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Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Get ready for the breakfast of champions with this Breakfast Pizza by Danielle Cochran, thesaltycooker! This Breakfast Pizza is a great choice for large families or meal planning, and it’s such a breeze to make on a busy morning. If you have a large family or planning a brunch with friends, this pizza is a serious contender for taking off the stress of planning the meal.

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Loaded Hashbrowns

Perfectly Cheesy Bacon Loaded Hashbrowns

Your house is going to feel just like Grandma’s house when you whip up these Perfectly Cheesy Bacon Loaded Hashbrowns for breakfast. Not only can you whip these up fast, but they are just packed full of rich flavor and gooey cheesy goodness in every bite. You could serve these as the main dish for a breakfast or as a companion piece to a larger breakfast as a whole.

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Dan-O’s Chipotle Shakshouka

Salaam aleikum! Today we have a real treat for you with this Dan-O’s Chipotle Inspired Shakshouka, full of rich vibrant flavor that will start your day off right no matter what! This dish is easy to make and can be done for breakfast, or really any meal. It’s hearty and filling without being too heavy to carry on with your day.

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MIcrowavable Breakfast Sandwiches

Microwavable Breakfast Sandwiches

Get ready to save time and money with these fast and easy microwavable Breakfast sandwiches. Don’t get it twisted, just because these are a breeze to make doesn’t mean they’re lacking in flavor. Another great thing about these breakfast sandwiches is that they’re easy to take on the go, making them perfect for a busy lifestyle.

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Picture of quiche with slice missing

Cheese Bacon & Veggie Quiche

Egg and breakfast lovers rejoice! Dan-O’s Seasoned quiche is now a thing and is full of all the breakfast flavors you love. This Cheese Bacon & Veggie Quiche recipe is much easier than you would think and us super creamy, cheesy, flaky and savory. It’s great for breakfast, brunch or any time of day!

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