Roasted Cauliflower

Description A healthy and delicious way to eat fresh cauliflower! Goes well with potatoes too, in my photo you see I had parmesan cheese that I sprinkled on the potatoes along with Dan-O’s! I had never had roasted cauliflower and thought what if I just “Put some Dan-O’s on it”? One trigger Finger later and […]

Cheesy Beef Pastry Ring

Image of cooked cheesy beef pastry ring

Seasoned meat inside pastry dough. Good for a snack or a meal! I made a small version, but you can double the ingredients and make a bigger one, just bake it a little longer.

Twice-Baked Potato Recipe

Image of a twice baked potato

Twice-baked with Dan-O’s makes the filling really flavorful. Easy to make and you can customize it with all sorts of toppings like bacon and green onions.

Bacon Smoked Cheez-Its Recipe

Cheez Its smoked with Dan-O's Seasoning and Bacon Fat - Image of ingredients

Who doesn’t love Cheez-its? Those toasty, crunchy little squares of joy. Why would we ever want to alter them? Because we can add smoke, bacon, and Dan-O’s Seasoning to them!

Slow Cooker Stuffed Meatballs

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs Recipe - Image of finished meatballs

These crowd pleasing, cheese-filled meatballs are perfect for tailgates, parties, or served over your favorite pasta.

Veggie-Packed Easy Homemade Coleslaw

A Dan Good easy homemade coleslaw recipe packed with veggies and the perfect blend of herbs and spices. The perfect side for your next BBQ or get-together!

Spicy Movie Theater Popcorn

Homemade move theater popcorn - Image of popcorn and dano-s

A spicy take on movie theater popcorn! Save money on expensive theater popcorn, and add your own special kick to movie night by adding Dan-O’s.

Pineapple Steak Kabobs

Pineapple, veggie and steak kebabs - Cooling down

Sirloin and pineapple go so well together I thought I’d make a kabob with some veggies! You can use whatever veggies you like, but these all grill very nicely and the flavors go well together.

Easy Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Image of homemade biscuit pot pie cooked

Looking for an easy biscuit chicken pot pie recipe? This recipe calls for a number of time-saving ingredients & is budget-friendly. Oh, and Dan-O’s egg brushed biscuits? That’s Dan Good.

Easy Homemade Mexican Pizza

Cutting homemade mexican pizza

Got some leftovers from taco night, or do you keep the fixins on-hand? This easy, homemade Mexican taco recipe is Dantastic and might save you a few late-night runs to T-Bell.

Flavor-Packed Spatchcock Smoked Chicken

Spatchcock Chicken on the smoker covered in Dan-O's Seasoning

Spatchcocking your chicken consists of removing the backbone to lay flat before cooking. This allows for more surface area for even cooking and to absorb more smoke. We’re smoking this chicken with cherry wood too! It’s gonna be Dan Good.

Mustard & Bourbon Maple Chicken Legs Recipe

You know what’s Dan Good? Drumsticks on the grill, coated in Dan-O’s, with a sweet, smokey, zesty sauce. This Mustard & Bourbon Maple Chicken Legs Recipe is the star of your next cookout!

Dan-O’s Easy Bacon Wrapped Cabbage Recipe

image of bacon wrapped cabbage

Ready for some Dan Good cabbage? Today we’re wrapping cabbage up with bacon, Dan-O’s Seasoning, and butter. This savory, epic side dish is great on the grill and sure to impress.

Blackened Salmon with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce

Image of blackened salmon and lemon butter shrimp caper sauce

Did you know Dan-O’s Spicy Seasoning is an excellent blackening seasoning? It’s actually healthier and more flavorful than most! See how we use it with this awesome blackened salmon recipe.

Spicy Dan-O’s Quesadilla

Description Quesadilla spiced up a bit with some spicy Dan-O’s. I used a wheat tortilla which was pretty thin, so if you use the thick flour ones, it might need to cook a few more minutes, you want it to be crisp. Ingredients 2 tbsp spicy Dan-O’s 2 Chicken breasts cubed 1/2 onion 1-2 bell […]

Mashed Potatoes & Steak Madeira Recipe

Image of mashed potatoes and madeira steak

Madeira sauce is a french-inspired wine-based sauce loaded up with beef stock, mushrooms, onions, and delicious herbs and spices. Combine that with steak and potatoes, and you’re eatin’ Dan Good!

Dan-O’s Grilled Lemonade Marinated Pork Chops Recipe

Dan-O holding grilled lemonade marinated pork chops

We’re cooking up big flavors with simple ingredients, AKA your marinade, a protein, and of the most important ingredient, Dan-O’s Seasoning. This Lemonade Marinated Pork Chops Recipe is sure to be a home run and is perfect for any tailgate or cookout.

Dan-O’s Vinaigrette, Cucumber, and Tomato Salad Recipe

Image of cucumber salad ready to serve

We’ve mentioned before that Dan-O’s Seasoning makes for a Dan-Good vinaigrette dressing. This slightly sweet, acidic, and tangy dressing is going to be packed full of herbs that will be perfect for the accompanying cucumber and tomato salad recipe.

Spicy BBQ Black Bean Burger Recipe

image of dressed homemade black bean burger

This spicy BBQ black bean burger recipe uses hatch green chile, club cracker parm bread crumbs, & more. No mush or crumbles! All flavor!

Pan Fried Tilapia Recipe

Description Tasty fish that you can pair with some veggies and a side for a quick dinner. I added steamed broccoli and rice as sides, but any side you like will work, or you could even make it a sandwich! Ingredients Tilapia filet 1 tbsp Dan-O’s Seasoning 1/4 cup Panko and/or breadcrumbs 1 tsp Olive […]