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Air Fried Dry Aged Ribeye

Air Fried Dry Aged Ribeye

Flavors Used:

Ready to meat your new favorite recipe? This air fried dry aged ribeye is a cut above the rest with its rich flavor and aroma, not to mention how tender of a cut it is. This is an easy way to cook up a dry aged ribeye with maximum flavor, it’ll be hard to make a mis-steak if you follow our instructions. You’ll get a whirlwind of flavor with this ribeye with the Dan-O’s coating of original, spicy, and crunchy!
What is Dry-Aging, and Why Dry Aged Ribeye?

Dry aged ribeye is something of a luxury with its rich flavors, and tender body. The process behind dry aged ribeye is fairly straightforward. To put it simply, Dry-aging beef is a process of hanging fresh beef in a temperature-controlled environment for an extended period of time. The beef can be aged for as short as a couple of weeks, and as long as several months before it’s trimmed and cut into steaks. During this aging time, a lot is happening. Natural chemical changes like enzymatic breakdown, and oxidation occur to create a more tender and flavorful steak. This adds a whole new dimension of flavor, and tenderness that drives the luxury price behind this steak.

To focus in on the three primary changes that occur in the dry aging process would be tenderization, flavor, and concentrated flavor. Flavor is that bacterial and enzymatic changes we talked about, dry-aged beef develops like cheese in that sense. You’ll get dry-aged steaks that develop rich nutty, sharp smells like an aged blue cheese. Concentrated flavor refers to moisture loss. Dry-aged beef can lose up to a third of its volume in water loss, and this helps concentrate the beef’s flavor. This also where trimming the beef comes into play, as the outer layer of the meat is trimmed off. Finally, tenderization comes from the enzymes that are natural to the ribeye break down the tougher muscle fibers and connective tissues as it ages.


  • 1 lb dry aged ribeye steak
  • Dan-O’s Original, Spicy, and Crunchy
  • Avocado oil

Preparation Instructions

  1. Coat the ribeye in avocado oil.
  2. Then add Dan-O’s Original, Spicy, and Crunchy to both sides.
  3. For medium rare, place in air fryer at 400° F for 16 minutes (flip half way).
  4. Let rest for 10 minutes then cut, and serve and enjoy!.


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