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Introducing our latest offering – Preem-O – Yum Yum Get Ya Sum!
Bottle of Dan-O's Preem-O Seasoning

Raise the Steaks

Dan-O’s Preem-O Seasoning

Dan-O’s Preem-O Seasoning raises the steaks on your favorite cuts of meats with top shelf ingredients and next level flavor. Great on steak, chicken and anything else that needs a little love, Preem-O is a decadent blend of savory herbs and spices paired with rich black garlic, nigella seeds, black pepper and that perfect amount of black sea salt.

It’ll definitely have you saying, “Yum Yum Get Ya Sum.” And yes, we checked with the lawyers and you can indeed say that. Just not legally. So don’t tell Dan and it can be our little secret.

The Perfect Peppery, Garlicky Flavor to Raise the Steaks on Your Grilling Game

We turned it up to eleven to elevate your game with a rich and savory blend of top-shelf spices and herbs, black garlic bite, and the perfect dash of black sea salt that'll take you from the grilling cheap seats to the luxury suites.

Flavor Profile

  • Rich and Savory
  • The Sea Salt-Pepper-Garlic Seasoning Trinity
  • Peppercorn-like bite on the finish
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