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Dan’s Quick and Easy Turkey Gravy

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Dan’s Quick and Easy Turkey Gravy

Flavors Used:

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving if you don’t have Turkey and Turkey Gravy. This is the real deal and will only take you about 20 minutes or less to whip up! A lot of folks will reach for a jar of the stuff at the store but not only does that lack serious flavor but it’s also a waste. Every year when you make your famous Thanksgiving turkey you create a lot of pan drippings and if you aren’t making gravy with those drippings then it’s common for them to go to waste. Don’t let your hardwork go to waste, turn em into them into some Turkey gravy that’ll be the talk of the table.

The secret ingredient with this Turkey Gravy is Dan-O’s Original. Dan-O’s OG offers up a lot of the signature Thanksgiving spices you love to taste like fresh rosemary, garlic, onion, with gentle touches of lemon and orange peel, and several other classic spices. Combined with those savory turkey drippings, you’ve created a gravy that’ll have guests reaching flavor nirvana with just one taste.

Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey Gravy

What are turkey drippings?
Turkey drippings are what’s left in the roasting pan after cooking the turkey, including the fat that’s been melted and any bits of meat that’s fallen off.
How much gravy will this recipe make?
This recipe makes roughly 2-3 cups of Turkey gravy.
How do I store leftover gravy?
Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.
How do I heat up leftover turkey gravy?
To reheat, pour back into a saucepan and heat on medium low until warmed through. You may need to add a little chicken/turkey broth or water to thin it out.
Help, my turkey drippings didn’t equal 4 cups! What should I do?
You could always add a chicken or turkey broth to pull it up to 4 cups. Alternatively you could reduce the flour and water by ¼ for every missing cup of drippings.


  • 4 cups of remaining turkey drippings
  • 1 cup of all purpose flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • Dan-O’s Original Seasoning

Preparation Instructions

  1. Strain turkey drippings through a strainer and pour in a pot
  2. Bring drippings to a boil and then turn down to a low simmer
  3. Whisk together 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of water
  4. Slowly add the flour whisking constantly until desired thickness
  5. Stir in Dan-O’s to taste
  6. Simmer for 10 minutes (or until no flour taste) and remove from heat.


4 Responses

    1. As much as you want. Dan-O’s does not have a lot of salt. My bird going in the oven today was covered with dan-o’s!!!!

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