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Dan-O’s Style Crunchwrap Supreme Recipe

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Image of a homemade crunchwrap supreme


Alright, the Tbell Crunchwrap Supreme is pretty solid.. but it’s a fast-food item, so it’s an easy one to improve upon. We also know that Spicy Dan-O’s Seasoning is incredible in taco meat. With that, the Dan-O’s Seasoning Crunchwrap Supreme Recipe was born! P.S. we still appreciate you Tbell and I did buy your sauce. 

After looking at a picture of the tbell crunchwrap, I realized they use nacho cheese. I didn’t have any, so I whipped up a simple queso. The queso used cheddar cheese, Monterey jack, pepper jack, sour cream, Rotel, coconut milk, butter, and of course, Dan-O’s Seasoning! It made me wish all crunchwraps used queso, honestly. 

The taco meat I made was incredibly simple. Canned chipotle sauce, Rotel, diced jalapeno, onion, and garlic, and some beef stock. Literally, the only seasonings I used were Dan-O’s Spicy and Paprika, and everyone was in love! I may have poured a few splashes of Cerveza in my taco filling too. Dang, it was good, though.

The hardest part of the whole ordeal is folding your crunchwrap and getting it to stay together. I tried folding it in 5 and 8 corners and 5 may have worked out better. I had the time to do so, so I made a sort of “glue” with hot water to seal up my crunchwraps at the bottom before grilling. Hopefully, you’re more artistic than me and this part is easy for you! 

I served these up with a dollop of sour cream and some traditional taco bell hot sauce. They were incredible, so grab the big tortillas and a bag of tostadas next time, and do this next taco night!


  • 2 lbs ground beef 
  • 2 can black beans (drain 1) 
  • 2 tbs minced garlic 
  • ½ large diced onion 
  • 3 diced jalapenos 
  • 1 can Ro-Tel 
  • 1 can chipotle sauce (small) 
  • Spicy Dan-O’s Seasoning 
  • Beef stock (or water) 
  • Paprika 
  • Queso 
  • Large tortillas (as big as you can find) 
  •  Slightly smaller tortillas (optional) 
  • Toastada shells 
  • Taco Bell sauce and toppings of your choice (tomato, lettuce, and sour cream) 

Prep Time

20 Mins

Cook Time

40 Mins

Serving Size



  1. Dice your half onion and jalapenos, and mince your garlic. Set off to side. 
  2. Chop your lettuce and tomatoes to desired consistency and set sour cream and toppings to the side. 
  3. Add garlic, onions, and jalapenos to hot pan with olive oil. Saute for 3-4 minutes. 
  4. Mix in beef, and break into chunks as it is cooking. Mix in about a cup of beef stock while the beef cooks. 
  5. Once the meat is brown, strain out the excess grease from beef and veggie mixture and return to pan. Mix in the chipotle sauce, Ro-Tel, about ¼ cup Dan-O’s Seasoning, and ⅛ cup paprika. 
  6. Add more beef stock and Cerveza to the beef filling, and mix together. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes on low.
  7. Make your black beans in a microwave safe dish, and set off to the side. Preheat oven to 350° F. 
  8. Add tostadas to oven and bake for 3-4 minutes at 350 degrees. 
  9. Build your crunchwrap by laying out a large (12 inch or larger) tortilla. Start by putting your toppings, such as lettuce, sour cream, and tomato in the center in a circle. 
  10. Place a tostada on top of your toppings, and then add queso, beans, and then beef over the top-facing side of the toastada. 
  11. Start folding your crunchwrap closed corner by corner. “Glue” the corners shut by brushing on hot water if needed. If your tortilla isn’t large enough, add a smaller tortilla over the beef filling before folding the corners so none falls out (pro move). 
  12. After you fold the corners, add crunchwraps to well-oiled pan at medium heat face down for 1-2 minutes. After it is sealed shut, flip and toast on other side. 
  13. Serve with Taco Bell sauce and sour cream. Enjoy! 

Contributed by Wes in Paducah, KY.

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