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Cheese Fries

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Cheese Fries


Dan-Good Cheese Fries

If you’re looking for a healthy snack, you may want to look elsewhere. These Dan-O’s cheese fries aren’t exactly Keto friendly. However, if you’re just looking for a Dan-Good cheesy appetizer that can be made with just a few simple ingredients, look no further.

This recipe yields some crispy fries that are coated in some tasty cheddar cheese. Serve these with a side of ranch and you won’t be able to keep your hands off of them.

Some Pro-Tips To Make Crispy Cheese Fries

  1. When cutting the potatoes, cut the bottom off first so they lay flat and won’t roll around.
  2. After you cut them, put them in a bowl of cold water in the fridge for 1 hour. This will help the potatoes come out nice and crispy.


  • 4 russet potatoes
  • ¾ cup of Olive Oil
  • Spicy Dan-O’s Seasoning
  • 2 cups of cheddar cheese

Prep Time

1 Hour 10 Mins

Cook Time

30 Mins


  1. Thoroughly rinse your potatoes and slice them into fries.
  2. Fill a large bowl with water, add your fries, and soak them in a fridge for 1 hour
  3. After 1 hour, drain the water and pat the fries dry
  4. Toss in ¾ cup of olive oil and sprinkle with some Spicy Dan-O’s, tossing once again
  5. Add to an air fryer and cook at 380˚F for 24 minutes or until crispy and golden brown. Time will vary depending on the thickness of your fries. Remove the fries from the air fryer once cooked through and move them to a baking sheet.
  6. Preheat your oven to 400˚F. Add a layer of cheese on top of the fries and put the fries in the oven for approximately 5 minutes or until the cheese is fully melted.

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