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Chipotle Tomahawk Steak

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Chipotle Tomahawk Steak

Flavors Used:

Fire up your smokers, and get ready for a mouthful with this Chipotle Tomahawk steak! This is a steak that would make most steak houses green with envy. Not only is this Chipotle Tomahawk steak rich in flavor but it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to do!

Catch this tomahawk

A question you may hold is why use a Tomahawk steak? Well Tomahawk steaks are very tender cuts that hold a rich buttery flavor, sorta like the Chardonnay of the steak world. Because this is a ribeye cut, that section of the cow collects more intramuscular fat which creates the beautiful marbling of the steak and helps give it’s rich buttery flavor. This is going to play well with our Yellow Mustard that’ll leave a more acidic tart flavor that the Soy Sauce will then mellow out with it’s salty, sweet, little bitter taste. Both of these are going to tenderize the meat as the steak soaks them in. When we pop that trigger finger with a generous portion of Dan-O’s Chipotle Seasoning, we’re going to create a meat that’s hard to beat with a spicy, sweet and smokey kick.

Lay it to rest

One of the most important steps of this recipe, that is often skipped, is letting the meat rest for 10 minutes. If you cut into this steak immediately then you’re defeating all the hard work you just did. The rest period for a steak gives it time to redistribute the juices, if you cut straight into it then all the juices just run out of it and leave the meat chewy and sad. But give this beauty time to rest, and you'll be rewarded with one of the richest, juiciest steaks you'll ever have.


  • Tomahawk Steak
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Soy Sauce
  • Dan-O’s Chipotle Seasoning

Preparation Instructions

  1. Pour yellow mustard onto your meat and rub it down on all sides
  2. Add soy sauce and rub it down again
  3. Coat all sides to season with Dan-O’s Chipotle
  4. Put your steak on the smoker at 225 until internal temperature reaches 115
  5. When temperature reaches that point, remove and sear on an open flame, or using grill grates
  6. Sear until temperature reaches 140
  7. Pull meat and let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing
  8. Enjoy!


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