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Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas

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Chicken Quesadilla Chipotle Style

How to Make Dan-O's Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas

Delicious Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas

This is another tasty recipe that Director Drew cooked up. These delicious chipotle chicken quesadillas are so good that they will have you saying Yum Yum Get Ya Sum!

A More Flavorful Chicken Quesadilla

One great part of this recipe is that the chicken is smoked. This quesadilla is not using any of that canned chicken or precooked chicken that you may see in some other chicken quesadilla recipes. Our chicken has a nice smoky and spicy flavor that you won’t see in most other quesadilla recipes.

To add a little extra spiciness to this recipe use a couple of fresh jalapenos. Plus you can add in some Herdez Salsa Ranchera for even more flavor for this chicken quesadilla.


  • 2-3 Chicken Breasts
  • 1-2 Jalapenos
  • Shredded Cheese (Mexican Blend)
  • Herdez Salsa Ranchera Medium (Optional)
  • Medium size soft flour tortillas

Prep Time

15 Mins

Cook Time

1 Hour 30 Mins


  1. Pat your chicken dry with a paper towel and coat with Dan-O’s Hot Chipotle 
  2. Smoke at 225°F until internal temperature reaches 165°F
  3. Removed from the smoker and add to a mixer
  4. Once mixing, add in salsa and chopped jalapenos
  5. Heat a skillet on medium, spray the skillet with olive oil
  6. Spray one side of each tortilla, Lay the first tortilla flat and layer with cheese, then your chicken, and another layer of cheese, and cover with the second tortilla.
  7. Cook each side on the skillet until golden brown, slice, and enjoy!
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