What is Dan-O’s Seasoning? 

Dan-O’s Seasoning is a semi-famous seasoning blend made by spice guru Dan Oliver of Louisville KY. It’s a low sodium seasoning blend packed full of real herbs and spices, is all-natural, and diet-friendly. And while many low sodium seasonings are weak on flavor, Dan-O’s is flavor-packed since it only uses the good stuff. There are two flavors of Dan-O’s original and spicy Dan-O’s.  


Where to buy Dan-O’s Seasoning 

Dan-O’s Seasoning is available in select stores near Dan-O’s home base of Louisville KY and in select Kentucky Krogers. Dan-O’s recently expanded its Kroger stores to the entire Kentuckiana region, and to Food City retailers. Dan-O’s has also launched a dealer locator for its fans who want to purchase in person. For those who do not have a nearby retailer, a wide selection of Dan-O’s packages can be ordered direct from Danosseasoning.com. You can also purchase Dan-O’s at Walmart.com or Amazon.com. 


What ingredients are in Dan-O’s Seasoning? 

The following ingredients are in Dan-O’s Seasoning: onion, garlic, orange peel, lemon peel, rosemary, and natural sea salt are the ones that make up the main flavor profile. There are several unnamed ingredients to keep Dan-O’s a secret, but these are common all-natural ingredients. There are no fillers, chemicals, or sugars in Dan-O’s, and only 50 mg of sodium per serving! 


Is Dan-O’s Seasoning a Keto-friendly seasoning? 

Dan-O’s Seasoning is absolutely Keto-friendly! There is no sugar in Dan-O’s and is very low carb. It is also perfect for high protein and diets as it can make otherwise plain proteins taste great. You can get a nice herb crust cooking with Dan-O’s that you otherwise miss from adding carbs and sugars to your food. It’s the best Keto-friendly seasoning around! 


Is Dan-O’s Seasoning a low-sodium seasoning? 

Dan-O’s is definitely a low-sodium seasoning. There is only 50 mg of salt per serving in Dan-O’s, making it suitable for many diets. Dan-O’s uses natural sea salt and no MSG. We find that a lot of seasonings, particularly creole seasonings are packed with up to 200 mg of sodium per serving. Dan-O’s can out flavor these seasonings with minimal salt! 


Is Dan-O’s Seasoning sugar-free? 

Dan-O’s is a sugar-free seasoning. This is especially important for our fans that are on diets and for those who avoid processed sugars. The absence of sugar in Dan-O’s is great for cooks because it does not burn when cooking. 


Is Dan-O’s Seasoning gluten-free?

Yep, both of our blends are gluten-free seasoning blends. Dan-O’s can power up any veggies and proteins that are included in your gluten-free diet. 


Is Dan-O’s Seasoning vegan-friendly? 

Yep! Dan-O’s Seasoning is vegan-friendly too. There are no animal by-products or animal testing involved in the making of our seasoning either. We promise our blend of herbs and spices can help you achieve maximum flavor while sticking to your diet! 


Where to find Dan-O’s Seasoning recipes 

You can find over 100 recipes that feature Dan-O’s Seasoning on the Dan-O’s website. You’ll find a variety of video recipes that you can along and even guest recipes from the Dan Fam. Simply visit the website and click on recipes, or find Dan-O’s Seasoning on YouTube to get started. 


What food does Dan-O’s Seasoning go with? 

Dan-O’s Seasoning was created on chicken, but Dan Oliver’s favorite use for it is on seafood. There are many folks, however, that put the Dan-O’s blend on everything. It can be used on any protein, veggie, or carb. It can also be used in herb-rich dressings such as vinaigrettes and in various marinades. 


Where can I find Dan-O’s Seasoning Reviews? 

You can find what people are saying about the Dan-O’s products anywhere Dan-O’s is featured or sold! Check out any of the official social media profiles, Amazon, Walmart, or of course, the Dan-O’s Seasoning website. The website receives reviews from real buyers with a third-party review software called Yotpo! 


Where is Dan-O’s Seasoning made? 

Dan-O’s Seasoning is made and bottled in founder Dan Oliver’s hometown of Louisville KY. This product is Kentucky-Proud and American-made with all-natural ingredients! This is something the entire Dan-O’s team is proud of. 


Are there any Dan-O’s Seasoning coupon codes?

On the Dan-O’s Seasoning website, you can always get free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more. Anyone who signs up for the Dan-O’s email list will also receive a 15% off discount code for their first order.