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Maine Style Lobster Roll

Maine Style Lobster Rolls

No,it’s not a rock lobster but it is a maine style lobster roll! This is the classic lobster roll that people have lined up for since the 50s. Freshly boiled lobster combined with mayo, some crystalized lemon, fresh dill, and Dan-O’s Spicy makes one unforgettable lobster roll. You can have these for any meal of the day but we love them for a nice lunch. One bite and you’ll be dreaming of New England’s scenic shores for a long time.

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philly cheesesteak sliders recipe

Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

Get ready for the perfect addition to your Saint Patrick’s Day party with these philly cheesesteak sliders. Philadelphia has been routinely voted the best city to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, with Boston being second. That means besides green beer, and shamrocks, that a philly cheesesteak is just as at home with the holiday. Tender buttery beef with mouth watering bell peppers and onion before being topped with a classic can of cheez whiz makes these philly cheesesteak sliders irresistible.

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Stuffed Italian Sausage

Stuffed Spicy Italian Sausage

Get a taste of heat with this meaty treat! Stuffed italian sausage is an easy, and fast meal that’s guaranteed to leave you full and wanting more. You can eat stuffed Italian sausage by itself or like a sandwich. I like mine with a hoagie roll with the bell peppers and onion laying down with the hot italian sausage on top with just a little bit of marinara! That’s that Yum Yum Get Ya Sum in every bite.

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Blackened Chicken Sandwich (Popeye’s copycat)

Blackened Chicken Sandwich (Popeye’s copycat)

You’ll love this chicken from Dan-O’s as our man Dan makes his own Dan-O-Myte blackened chicken sandwich! This is a fun twist on Dan’s signature spicy crispy chicken sandwich with the main difference being that this one is unbreaded, and isn’t brined before cooking. Blackened chicken is very similar to Dan-O’s original chicken, the recipe that started Dan-O’s in the first place. It’s no wonder that this dynamic chicken is full of flavor and smoky bits to make the ultimate chicken sandwich!

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Classic Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich

You don’t have to goto the deli to get a taste of this classic reuben! The staple of so many deli’s across America,the reuben sandwich is iconic for its thinly shaved corned beef, melted swiss cheese, fresh sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing. This Dan-O’s version offers up a little heat in the thousand island dressing with the inclusion of Dan-O’s Spicy.

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Chicken Salad Croissants

Chicken Salad Croissants

Get ready for a Dan-good take on classic chicken salad with these chicken salad croissants. Flaky, butter croissants stuffed to the brim with crunchy, savory chicken salad that offers delight in every bite! Dan-O’s crunchy brings the flavor, and some texture to this chicken salad, and sriracha gives it a gentle kick of heat that makes it a real treat.

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Honey ham sliders

Honey Ham Sliders

The holiday season brings a great deal with it and chief among them is the holiday ham. That’s why we whipped up this honey ham sliders recipe for you to get some extra mileage out of all leftover ham! These are simple to make with their sweet Hawaiian rolls, swiss cheese, thick ham slices, and a little mustard but they’re a real treat to eat. The spicy Dan-O’s gives it a gentle heat that balances the sweetness of the ham and rolls out. One taste of these honey ham sliders, and you’ll be buying honey hams year round!

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Turkey Sincronizadas

Turkey Sincronizadas (Crispy Tortilla Snack)

Thanksgiving and the Holidays are upon us, which means an abundance of turkey. Put that turkey to work with these Turkey Sincronizadas! These are fairly popular in Mexico, and once you’ve had a taste you’ll see why. They’re great for a quick lunch, snack, or appetizer and you can make one or a bunch at a time depending on your needs.

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