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Young Dan-O’s Fan Gets a Surprise from Dan-O After Making Video

Young Dan-O’s Fan Gets a Surprise from Dan-O After Making Video

Published Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 / 9:22 AM

In early August, the Dan-O’s team received a Facebook message that included a YouTube video from a young Dan-O’s Seasoning fan’s mother. This video was an unboxing and first-taste video from a young Cooper Amon. This wholesome content made its way to Dan-O’s founder, Dan Oliver, who decided to surprise the young fan. 

In Cooper’s video, he makes his way down to the beach where a mysterious box awaits him. After bringing the box in, he opens it and learns that it’s Dan-O’s Seasoning! He lets you in on a secret that he knew what was in the box along, but the suspense of a first Dan-O’s package is still quite valid. Cooper decides to give his Dan-O’s a try, and seasons up a chicken breast before pan-grilling and giving it a taste. For Cooper, it was love at first bite. 

Cooper had found Dan-O’s founder Dan Oliver on TikTok, a popular social media platform, and then started following him. After a few weeks of watching videos, he convinced his mom to purchase the seasoning. He decided to wait until they went to the beach to try it since it’s one of his favorite places to be. 

When we asked Cooper what inspired him to make the video, he mentioned that he was inspired by some of Dan-O’s many videos. And while his YouTube presence isn’t huge, Cooper has uploaded a handful of videos of performing his hobbies. “I just try making videos of the things I enjoy to encourage people to do the things they want to do,” mentioned Cooper.

Cooper’s Dan-O’s Seasoning video eventually found its way to Dan-O’s founder Dan Oliver, who wanted to send a personal thank you to Cooper. Dan responded to the video with a video of his own thanking young Cooper, sent him a Dan-O’s hat and shirt of his choosing, and decided to feature his video on the Dan-O’s website and social media. 

When asked how it felt to get a personal thank you from Dan-O, Cooper said:

As soon as I got the thank you video from Dan-O, my whole week… maybe my whole month was made.

His mother replied, ”We have a great kid. He is so excited about your product. Literally, every house he goes to he takes it with him.” 

Cooper’s family, including his father Ray and mother Tanya, are fans of the product as well. When asked if they’re still using it, they mentioned all the things they have tried it on lately. This includes smoked chicken wings, pork chops, steaks, and even popcorn. 

Everyone at the Dan-O’s team appreciates young Cooper’s video and support of the product. And that he continues to go out of his way to share the product with his friends and family. We’re excited to see what the future brings for this young YouTuber and chef in the making!

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