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Tournament Fishing with Dan-O’s & Andrew Dunford

Tournament Fishing with Dan-O’s & Andrew Dunford

Published Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 / 12:47 PM

Dan-O’s Seasoning is proud to be the primary sponsor of Andrew Dunford for the 2021 Bass Fishing season. The partnership will take place over the year and will include at least five events in the major league fishing bass fishing league (or the MLFBFL).

Dunford will primarily be participating as a co-angler at the MLFBFL tour stops at Kentucky Lake, a premier fishing destination about an hour south of Paducah, Kentucky. He also has plans to participate in as many as 20 local tournaments, which happen throughout the year near his home town in Southern Illinois.

In an interview, Dunford mentioned that he’s been fishing ever since he was big enough to hold a pole. Growing up near a lake and always having access to a boat ensured that he had ample time on the water, and he always had friends and family in the community to learn from. In 2017, Dunford decided to give tournament fishing a try, recently making his way to MLFBFL events.

Dunford reached out to the team at Dan-O’s Seasoning after meeting Toothpick Timmy at an outdoor expo in Paducah. He fell in love with the seasoning after sampling it and knew right away he wanted to work with the brand. Dunford mentioned that the hard work of Dan-O’s founder Dan Oliver resonates with him, which was another reason for him reaching out. His outreach eventually worked, resulting in Dan-O’s becoming Dunford’s first major sponsor.

Since his sponsorship, Dunford has shown the makings of a true brand steward for Dan-O’s. He has since posted a video of himself grilling while using the seasonings, has joined the Dan-O’s affiliate program, and has taken photographs of his Dan-O’s bottles and merch out at the lake. He’s also quick to recommend Dan-O’s to his friends and followers, so the Dan-O’s team is thankful for Dunford’s efforts in being a great partner.

The first major event of the year for Dunford will be March 27th at Kentucky lake. The official weigh-in videos can be found at if you want to keep up with the results. But, since those videos can be pretty lengthy, Dunford’s always-supportive wife live streams on the Dunford Outdoors Facebook channel when it’s his turn to weigh in.

To keep up with Dunford over this year’s fishing season, check out Dunford Outdoors on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or give him a follow to show your support!

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