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Spicy BBQ Black Bean Burger

Spicy BBQ Black Bean Burger

The most flavor-packed black bean burger recipe you’ve ever had. There’s no mush, little mess, and they’re super affordable! If you keep veggies around the kitchen, as well as standard kitchen items, you can get away with making these for just a few bucks.

So you start with a regular old can of black beans. The way you keep them from being mushy is to bake them for about 12 minutes to dry them partially. And where your flavor comes in is two parts: Dan-O’s Seasoning (the best seasoning ever seriously), and some sauteed vegetables. I diced and sauteed garlic, onion, and a hatch green chile for a little kick!

If you do not have bread crumbs, you can always make your own with club crackers. So good and flavorful! Mix in with your veggies and baked black beans, then mix in an egg (or vegan egg substitute or even 1/3 cup of mashed sweet potato for a vegan-friendly meal) and a generous portion of Dan-O’s, and you’re almost in business. Mash and mix, and leave some bean chunks for texture! Coat each side of the patties with Dan-O’s Seasoning.

Dress with whatever you got! I used Roma tomatoes, red onion, and green leaf lettuce. I also used pepper jack cheese (there are tons of vegan cheeses out there that you can use instead)… and a sweet BBQ sauce. After it’s done, you’ll have a wonderful black bean burger that’s oniony, with a kick from the peppers, some nice garlic flavor… BBQ sauce, and fresh tomatoes. Oh man!

Seriously… this black bean burger recipe is going to be one of the best you've ever made. Enjoy!


  • Can of black beans
  • 1 Egg (or vegan egg substitute or even 1/3 cup of mashed sweet potato for a vegan-friendly meal)
  • 1 Cup Bread Crumbs (or make your own)
  • 2 tbsp Dan-O’s Seasoning
  • ¼ Small Onion Diced
  • 2 Cloves Diced Garlic
  • 1 hatch green chili pepper (or you can use jalapeno or green chile)
  • BBQ sauce
  • Buns, cheese (or vegan cheese), and toppings of your choice

Preparation Instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Lay foil on baking sheet
  3. Drain can of black beans most of the way, then spread out on baking sheet. Coat in Dan-O’s Seasoning
  4. Let beans bake for 12 minutes
  5. Dice up onion, garlic, and pepper
  6. Sautee onion, garlic and pepper until softened while beans bake
  7. Remove beans and veggies from heat. Combine in a bowl
  8. Add Dan-O’s Seasoning, bread crumbs, and an egg (or vegan substitute) to the mixture
  9. Mash and mix together, leaving some good size chunks of beans
  10. Form patties, coat each side with Dan-O’s, and cook on well-oiled baking sheet for 10 minutes on each side
  11. Let cool down for 5 minutes. Add to bun with your favorite toppings, drizzle BBQ sauce, and enjoy!


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