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Smoked Dan-O’s Chicken Wings

Smoked Dan-O’s Chicken Wings

Flavors Used:

The Backside Grill at Oldham Gardens whipped up some Dan-O’s inspired eats for the 2022 season of Whiskey Wednesdays, this is their Smoked Dan-O’s Chicken Wings for you to whip up at home!

Dan-O’s Seasoning is proud to sponsor 3rd Turn Brewing’s Whiskey Wednesdays at the Oldham Gardens location. Every Wednesday from 6pm till 10 pm, rain or shine, you can come out and hear live music from artists such as MVP, Hearts Gone South, OceanEars, and more! 3rd Turn Brewing’s bar and the Backside Grill's Kitchen will be serving up some Dan-O’s themed food and drink all season long.


  • Jumbo Split Chicken Wings
  • Dan-O’s Original Seasoning
  • Canola Oil
  • Your Favorite Dan-O’s Seasoning

Preparation Instructions

  1. Rub your chicken wings in Dan-O’s
  2. Smoke at 225°F until Chicken has an internal temperature of 165
  3. Remove from smoke, and let cool completely
  4. Flash fry in canola oil until crispy
  5. Toss in your favorite Dan-O’s Seasoning
  6. Enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. Are any of your products vegan? No animal nor animal byproducts including no honey, drippings, egg, dairy?

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