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Put Some Dan-O's On It

Dan-O’s Easy Pork Recipes  

Dan-Good Pork Seasoning

Did you know Dan-O’s Seasoning is great on pork too? Our bold blend of herbs and spices is the perfect pork seasoning and works as a dry rub, simmering sauce, or marinade for your favorite cut of pork. Discover your new favorite pork recipe paired with Dan-O’s all-natural blend of herbs and spices.

Pork is already usually higher in sodium on a general basis so the last thing you need to do is add an unnecessary amount of sodium to it. This is why Dan-O’s pork seasoning is the perfect option. All of our pork recipes use our low sodium seasoning.

Super Easy Recipes With Our Pork Seasoning

We have put together some of our favorite super easy recipes using spice blends for this category. You can use Dan-O’s on various recipes, including grilled pork chops, pork loin, short ribs, or pulled pork. Dan-O’s makes the perfect pork rub for pork shoulder or ground pork. 

Dan-O’s pork seasoning can be used in a slow-cooker, smoker, grill, or stove-top pan. It really doesn’t matter what way you prepare the pork, Dan-O’s can handle it. Dan-O’s works great no matter what way you prepare your meat. You have to try out some of these pork recipes using our pork seasoning.

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