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Triple threat aioli

Dan-O’s Triple Threat Aioli

Get ready for a condiment triple threat with this fast and easy Aioli made three different ways! Let this recipe open the door of possibilities in your home, as we show you how to make some fast easy Aioli that goes great in a variety of roles. Some might argue that this isn’t Aioli in its purest form, and you’d be correct but that doesn’t stop it from being any less delicious!

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Greek Salad

Greek Salad

One bite of this delicious Springtime Greek Salad will have you saying Opa! Just be careful not to smash your plate if there’s still salad on there! This salad pairs wonderfully with our Feta and Oregano Meatballs, but it’s just as good on its own. This salad packs a wallop of Mediterranean flavor that just hits the spot on a warm and sunny spring day.

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Mediterranean Salad Recipe

Mediterranean Salad

This Cucumber Tomato Mediterranean Salad is perfect for diets of all kinds. It is Mediterranean, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Keto friendly.

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Airfried Salmon

Air Fried Salmon

There are few things better than some crispy caramelized salmon that have just about the right amount of seasoning. With this Dan-O’s style air fryer salmon recipe you can get a healthy, tasty, and easy-to-make meal in under 20 minutes. You really can’t beat it.

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