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Put Some Dan-O's On It

Smashed griddle potatoes

Smashed Griddle Potatoes

Griddle me this, Batman! What’s a tasty, smashed treat that can’t be beat? Dan’s Smashed Griddle Potatoes! These fluffy potatoes are so easy, and they’re really fun to make. Who doesn’t love smashing food down hard? These are kind of like a loaded baked potato pancake, oh so delicious and you’ll always want more than one. The best part of Smashed Griddle Potatoes is how you can customize the toppings and fillings to your own desires.

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Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes

These Hasselback potatoes offer up big flavor, with no hassle! These are easy to whip up for dinner and make plenty to share. They look a lot fancier than they are, saving you time and energy to make more complex meals on the fly. Now if you’re having Hasselback potatoes, we might recommend a Hot Chipotle Tomahawk Steak or Spicy Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin. Just something satisfying and juice to bite into and soak up the juices with the potatoes.

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Tomahawk Steak Sandwich

Tomahawk Steak Sandwich

Bury any hatchet you have about steak sandwiches because this Tomahawk Steak Sandwich is one of the juiciest and tastiest sandwiches you’ll ever have. Now it may be a sin to use a Tomahawk in this fashion but sometimes you gotta sin to have a good time. Our one piece of advice? Don’t be like Dan, when you trim the fat from this steak make sure to save it! You can do so much with high quality beef fat like that, and it’d be shameful to waste high quality ingredients like that.

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Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Bacon Wrapped Beef Onion Rings

One Onion ring to rule them all, one Onion ring to find them, One bacon wrapped beef onion ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. However, you don’t have to goto the land where the Shadows lie to get these delicious Bacon Wrapped Beef Onion Rings. You can whip these up for a watch party or even a meal, they’re hearty enough! Feel free to experiment with the proteins, we used beef but you could try bison, Impossible meat, or even turkey as a filler.

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Oklahoma Onion Burgers

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin’, Oh, what a beautiful day. I’ve got a beautiful feelin’, these Oklahoma Onion Burgers are comin’ my way! These Onion burgers are served up hot and ready, and sure to make a midwesterner reminisce on simpler times.

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Beer bratwurst

Dan’s Traditional Beer Bratwursts

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a beer, and a bratwurst, so Dan combined the two together to make these delicious Beer Bratwursts! Spicy Chipotle seasoning kicks up the flavor while the beer will bring out the natural flavors of the bratwurst while giving it a slightly sweet beer taste.

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321 Ribs

3-2-1 Ribs

Look no further for the perfect summer time BBQ recipe than these 3-2-1 Ribs by Director Drew. Simple to make with rich with caramelized smoky flavor, these ribs are guaranteed to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.

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Dan-O’s Seasoning Easy Grilling Recipes

Our easy grilling recipes are less time-consuming and labor-intensive. Dan-O’s is always ready-to-go, so you can spend less time doing prep work and more time around the barbecue with your company.

We have everything from grilled shrimp, grilled steak, grilled pork chops, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, and so much more. Dan-O’s Seasoning is perfect for some summer grilling. Whether you are a veteran barbecuer or a rookie around the grill, there are all kinds of recipes you can make for your whole party.

Just grab some Dan-O’s, some chicken breasts, or favorite protein, and you are ready to go. Dan-O’s versatile flavor profiles make it the perfect grilling seasoning. Our seasoning is also perfect for tailgating. Make Dan-O’s part of your gameday ritual.

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