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Ribeye chili

Ribeye Chili

Saddle up to the campsite cowfolks, we’re gonna gather around the fire tonight with a hearty bowl of Director Drew’s Ribeye chili. It’s got enough of a spicy kick to help keep the cool night’s air from getting too chilly, and it’s hearty enough that one bowl will keep you full till morning time feed comes around.

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Eggwhite breakfast cups

Egg white Breakfast Cups

These fluffy, healthy egg white breakfast cups make for a great breakfast and they’re so eye catching, you’ll be thinking Yum Yum Get ya sum. You can easily make these ahead of time and then reheat for when you need them making them awfully convenient for a busy lifestyle.

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Smoked Mango Hot Chipotle Cream Cheese

Director Drew came up with this creamy, spreadable Smoked Mango Hot Chipotle Cream cheese that is so Dan-good that you can’t help but want some more. This is the perfect dish for a party or potluck where everyone can get them some, or even as an appetizer for a dinner party. No matter the occasion,this is sure to be a hit.

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Hot Chipotle Tomahawk Steak

Fire up your smokers, and get ready for a mouthful with this Hot Chipotle Tomahawk steak! This is a steak that would make most steak houses green with envy. Not only is this Hot Chipotle Tomahawk steak rich in flavor but it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to do!

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