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Put Some Dan-O's On It

Garlic Basil Grilled Chicken Pizza Sliders

Garlic Basil Grilled Chicken Pizza Sliders

Nothing quite beats pizza, but these Fresh Mouth Watering Garlic Basil Grilled Chicken Pizza Sliders come pretty Dan close. Popping that trigger finger generously with some Spicy Dan-O’s to help give that chicken a kick that’s going to play nice with our Italian marina and sweet Hawaiian rolls to make a melody of flavors. Now that’s a song we can get behind.

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Feta and Oregano Meatballs

These Greek-inspired Feta and Oregano Meatballs aren’t like traditional meatballs you’re probably used to but they are polý nóstimo! These are so moist and tender thanks to the Greek yogurt, but the seasonings are going to remind you a bit of a fresh and tangy Greek salad. We can’t just have one, and we know after your first bite, you’ll be in the same boat.

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Ribeye chili

Ribeye Chili

Saddle up to the campsite cowfolks, we’re gonna gather around the fire tonight with a hearty bowl of Director Drew’s Ribeye chili. It’s got enough of a spicy kick to help keep the cool night’s air from getting too chilly, and it’s hearty enough that one bowl will keep you full till morning time feed comes around.

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Eggwhite breakfast cups

Egg white Breakfast Cups

These fluffy, healthy egg white breakfast cups make for a great breakfast and they’re so eye catching, you’ll be thinking Yum Yum Get ya sum. You can easily make these ahead of time and then reheat for when you need them making them awfully convenient for a busy lifestyle.

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Chipotle Cheez Its

Spicy Chipotle Cheez Its

Tired of regular old Cheez Its? Kick it up a notch with these Spicy Chipotle Cheez Its, they’re Dan-O-Myte! The smoker really comes into play here, infusing them with a nice smokey flavor on top of the heat from the Dan-O’s Hot Chipotle Seasoning.

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Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Creamy mushroom pasta

It’s officially mushroom season, so what better way to celebrate than with this delicious Creamy Mushroom Pasta by Wholesome Hedonista! Not only is this pasta rich in flavor, it’s vegan, and it’s both dairy and gluten free! This is comfort food you won’t feel bad about it as you go for a second, and maybe even a third helping!

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Smoked Mango Hot Chipotle Cream Cheese

Director Drew came up with this creamy, spreadable Smoked Mango Hot Chipotle Cream cheese that is so Dan-good that you can’t help but want some more. This is the perfect dish for a party or potluck where everyone can get them some, or even as an appetizer for a dinner party. No matter the occasion,this is sure to be a hit.

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Vegan Pizza Toast

Vegan Pizza Toast

This Vegan Pizza by Carleigh Bodrug over at Plantyou will have you saying “deliziosa” after just one bite. Carleigh has been expertly crafting delicious vegan recipes since 2015, and this recipe is no different. Rich in savory flavor from the Olive Oil Tomato and Dan-O’s paired with the creamy texture from the Cashew Cheese on the lightly toasted sourdough bread blend together in a melody of flavors that’ll have you saying it’s Dan-good! These pizzas make for great finger food, but whether you plan on serving them as an entree or an appetizer, these slices are sure to please.

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Hot Chipotle Tomahawk Steak

Fire up your smokers, and get ready for a mouthful with this Hot Chipotle Tomahawk steak! This is a steak that would make most steak houses green with envy. Not only is this Hot Chipotle Tomahawk steak rich in flavor but it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to do!

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