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Veggie-Packed Easy Homemade Coleslaw

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To go with along with our juicy burgers recipe featuring NASCAR driver Spencer Boyd, we whipped up a Dan-O’s favorite. This easy homemade coleslaw recipe uses a few time-saving ingredients and is packed with flavor. This particular coleslaw has more of a salad feel, making it more substantial than your normal dab of slaw. 

Some tips for this recipe include cutting your cabbage it into big square chunks, which will give you some nice bitesize pieces. Next, use a potato peeler to make stripes on your cucumber so it looks all fancy. Also, see Dan-O’s technique for no waste bell peppers! Finally, hit your cole slaw with a generous amount of Dan-O’s Seasinging. Your guests and palette will thank you. 

Your time savers on this recipe are the bagged broccoli slaw and the jar of coleslaw dressing. And of course, the best time saver of all time – Dan-O’s Seasoning. We save you all that time mixing herbs and spices with this master seasoning blend! That’s Dantastic, huh? You can enjoy this slaw after about an hour of cooking, but half a day to overnight is preferred. 

So what do we have at the end here? A deliciously fresh homemade coleslaw recipe that’s slightly sweet, with a hit of heat, and a lot of crunch. Perfectly seasoned with a lot of fresh veggies, and the consistency of a salad. Enjoy! 


  • Head of cabbage
  • Red and orange bell pepper
  • Dan-O’s Regular Seasoning
  • 1 English cucumber
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes 
  • Bag of broccoli slaw 
  • 1 jar of coleslaw dressing 

Prep Time

15 Mins

Cook Time

Chill For 1-24 Hours


  1. Cut head of cabbage into large chunks 
  2. Peel cucumber into stripes and then chop into slices 
  3. Dice bell peppers 
  4. Quarter your cherry tomatoes 
  5. Combine all ingredients into bowl and add broccoli slaw 
  6. Add Dan-O’s Seasoning (about half a cup)
  7. Add dressing and mix into slaw 
  8. Let chill for 1 to 24 hours before serving 
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