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The Best Chicken Seasoning Recipe

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Dan-O's Famous Chicken Seasoning

About Dan-O's Chicken Seasoning

A Bit Different Chicken Seasoning Recipe

This chicken seasoning recipe is going to be a bit different than any other chicken seasoning recipe out there. At Dan-O’s we did all of the legwork so you don’t have to. Almost every other recipe out there online requires about 10-15 different spices in your spice rack. Our spice blends put everything in a single bottle.

The Chicken Seasoning Flavor Profile

Our original seasoning combines rosemary, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon peel, and orange peel. It also has a number of other all-natural herbs and spices. This also makes us so much more unique than other chicken seasonings out there due to the orange and lemon peel. It adds a slight hint of sweetness, without being too overpowering.

Our Original Chicken Seasoning Recipe

This chicken seasoning blend was originally created by our company’s founder, Dan Oliver. Today, it is used as an all-purpose seasoning, but it didn’t start out that way. Originally, Dan made this seasoning to go along with his now world-famous chicken thighs.

After dozens of attempts at creating the seasoning recipe, he finally created the first version of Dan-O’s. After many years, Dan mastered this recipe. Best of all, he discovered he was making one of the healthiest chicken seasonings out there. 

A Healthier Chicken Seasoning

Dan-O’s is far more healthy than any other off-the-shelf seasoning that you buy at your local grocery. It’s even more healthy than any other homemade seasoning recipe that you will find online. 

Using 1 tsp of Dan-O’s (4 servings) yields 200mg of sodium. When using only 1 tsp of many online recipes for chicken seasoning, you will use about ⅛ tsp of salt. That equals 788.6 mg of sodium. So, if you want an equivalent amount of seasoning, you will have nearly 4x as much salt.

These other chicken seasoning recipes online try to appear as if they are healthy. In reality, they are far less healthy than Dan-O’s. So give it a try and follow this quick and easy single-step recipe. Try our many chicken recipes on our site or find more on TikTok!

Looking for another chicken recipe to try? Be sure to check out our famous chicken thighs recipe.

Prep Time

1 Min


  1. Sprinkle Dan-O’s Original Seasoning generously before, during, and/or after cooking your chicken. You can use it for dry rubs, marinades, additional seasoning, or as a salt and pepper replacement. So grab some olive oil, our all-purpose chicken seasoning, and your preferred cut of chicken to make your new favorite chicken recipe.
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