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Air-Fried Keto Scotch Eggs

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Keto Scotch Eggs on a plate


Looking for an easy, low carb breakfast? It’s hard to beat these Air-Fried, Keto Scotch Eggs! These are so simple with just 3 ingredients, and of course, your spicy Dan-O’s Seasoning. They’re affordable, easy, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

So, this recipe all starts with hardboiled eggs. Everyone has their own method, but they are incredibly easy. If you are unsure how to make them, try them our way below. Other than that, you just need to wrap your eggs in sausage and then in bacon, which you can see in the video. 

This recipe comes from our friend Brooke Brown, AKA Keto.Queen on TikTok and Instagram. Enjoy!

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  • Hard Boiled eggs
  • Ground breakfast sausage
  • Thick cut bacon
  • Spicy Dan-O’s Seasoning

Prep Time

10 Mins

Cook Time

30 Mins


  1. Add eggs to a warm pot of water. Ensure eggs are covered with at least 2 inches of water. Bring water to a boil and mix in 1 tsp salt. Turn heat off, cover pot, and allow eggs to rest for about 12 minutes. Run eggs over cold water to prevent further cooking, and then peel. 
  2. Roll out some ground breakfast sausage and season it with spicy Dan-O’s. Place your egg over the sausage, and wrap it into a ball. Wrap a piece of bacon around your egg and add some Dan-O’s. Put bacon-wrapped eggs in airfryer for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. 
  3. Once cooled down, cut and eat. Enjoy!
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