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Small 4 Bottle Combo Box – Original, Spicy, Chipotle, & Crunchy


Yum Yum Get Ya Sum!

The Perfect Gift: All 4 Flavors of Dan-O’s

Try all of the Dan-O’s Seasoning Flavors in this Variety Pack Box: Original, Spicy, Chipotle, & Crunchy

Sprinkle Generously.

Super Savings, Super Flavor

Get ready to be the hero of the kitchen with the Dan-O’s Small Box Combo 4 3.5 oz pack! You can get Dan-O’s Original, Spicy, Chipotle, and Crunchy for one low cost . You’ll get the Original blend that started it all with savory flair, Spicy with just the right amount of heat, the smoky taste of the Southwest with Chipotle, and a new favorite with Dan-O’s Crunch. Whether you’re making breakfast or dinner, there’s a Dan-O’s for every occasion!

Put some Dan-O’s on it!

Dan-O’s Original is an original blend of garlic, onion, rosemary, lemon & orange peel, and a secret melody of mouth watering herbs and spices and just the right amount of sea salt.  Dan-O’s Spicy combines the original savory blend of Dan-O’s Original and mixes it with cayenne pepper and just the right amount of unrefined sea salt. Dan-O’s Chipotle Seasoning brings the smoky taste of the southwest with spicy, sweet heat. Dan-O’s Crunchy brings the crunchy savory flavor of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, and garlic to the classic Dan-O’s seasoning profile. Dan-O’s is the perfect replacement for your traditional salt and pepper topping. You’ll get maximum flavor in every bite whether you just use a sprinkling or a generous pop pop!

Dan-O-Myte Recipes

The best part about Dan-O’s Crunchy is how versatile it is. You can season just about anything, but if you want to experiment in the kitchen, Dan-O’s makes it a breeze. When you purchase Dan-O’s, you don’t just get a great flavor experience. You also get the ability to try over 50+ recipes on our website, making anything from breakfast to dinner a breeze. From Dan-O’s Original Baked Chicken Thighs to Dry Aged Ribeye, there’s a recipe for every occasion when you cook with Dan-O’s. Whether you’re grilling, broiling, searing, smoking, making a marinade or glaze, Dan-O’s is there with that Yum Yum Get Ya Sum!

For more information Dan-O’s Nutrition, visit our Nutritional Facts page.

Dan-O’s Seasoning is great for those: 

    • Experimenting in the kitchen
    • Seeking new flavor experiences
    • Busy people who want to cook in a flash
    • Speciality diets like vegetarians
    • Looking for a little something extra

Try sprinkling Dan-O’s on anything just like salt and pepper:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Popcorn
  • Eggs
  • Rice
  • Chili
  • Veggies
  • Cottage cheese
  • Fresh cut tomato or cucumber
  • Baked potato
  • Mashed potato
  • Skillet potatoes
  • French fries
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Sprinkle Generously.

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