Dan-O's Nutritional Facts

Let's get the facts straight!

You’ll be happy to know that every bottle of Dan-O’s Seasoning has 50mg of sodium or less per a ¼ tsp serving size. This means that in most cases, Dan-O’s contains lower sodium content per serving than many other leading seasoning brands. This allows us to focus more on the flavors of our signature herbs and spices to give you the most Yum Yum Get Ya Sum per serving.

Whether you’re meal prepping, or just trying to eat healthier, Dan-O’s Seasoning is the perfect seasoning for the health conscious. If you need inspiration for your next diet friendly meal, check out our recipes section for hundreds of Dan-O-Myte recipes!

Nutritional FAQ

Every seasoning blend of Dan-O’s uses 50mg of sodium per serving (1/4 tsp).

Each Dan-O’s Seasoning blend uses dehydrated garlic and onion, rosemary, sea salt, mustard seed, lemon peel, orange peel, and a number of other spices.

Most people only think you can use Dan-O’s before or during cooking; however, Dan-O’s is also a great tool to use after dinner is served. Just sprinkle a little Dan-O’s on your meal, just like you would normally use salt and pepper.