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Grilling & Podcasting With Former NFL Pro Bowler Eric Wood

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Dan Oliver (Founder of Dan-O’s Seasoning) recently met up with former NFL Pro Bowler and Offensive Lineman for the Buffalo Bills, Eric Wood to guest-star on his podcast, What’s Next with Eric Wood. Afterward, the two teamed up for a cookout, and after several hours, learned a great deal about one another.

Wood started his NFL career in 2009 as a first-round draft pick for the Buffalo Bills. It was in Buffalo that he would spend his entire NFL career, eventually earning 120 starts, 3 team captain spots, 2 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominations, and an NFL Pro Bowl selection. He was able to cap off his NFL career by helping the Bill’s make it to the playoffs, ending a 17-year playoff drought.

It was after the playoff appearance that Wood learned of a spinal injury that would ultimately end his NFL career and become the catalyst to the next chapter of his life. Following this news, Wood settled back into his former college town of Louisville, KY., where he has since become active in sports media broadcasting and started his own podcast.

It was in Louisville where Wood learned about Dan Oliver and his company, Dan-O’s Seasoning. After learning more about Dan, Wood decided he would be a great fit for his podcast, which tells the story of people who have overcome challenges, adversity, or transitions in their lives.

Dan’s episode on the podcast discusses the inspiration for his business, how he got started, and how his entire business model changed during the COVID-19 shutdowns. It was after the podcast that Wood and Dan-O’s enjoyed their backyard cookout, where Dan demoed his seasoning on an impressive lineup of proteins.

In his podcast, Wood likes to bring people from a variety of professions and industries for fresh perspectives and to keep things interesting. This includes a long list of notable guests, such as Dabo Swinney, Terry Pegula, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Michael Ray, Chad Michael Murray, and Ed Mylett, to name a few.

To learn more about Eric Wood, his sports broadcasting involvement, and his philanthropic endeavors, you can visit his website, To hear his podcast, including the Dan-O’s Seasoning episode, check out his Podcast Channel on Apple Podcasts.

Both the podcast and cooking video will be released Friday, May 7th on the respective channels. Finally, you can follow Eric Wood on his Instagram Channel to see What’s Next and for your dose of weekly motivation. 

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