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Eatin’ Dan Good Dishes at Linsday’s Kitchen in Louisville

Eatin’ Dan Good Dishes at Linsday’s Kitchen in Louisville

Published Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 / 9:38 AM

Louisville, KY – A few months back, local restaurant owner Lindsay Hack and her crew at Lindsay’s Kitchen introduced some Dan Good eats to their menu. We folks on the Dan-O’s team of course had to check it out and get the full story.

Lindsay’s Kitchen is located on Cane Run Rd in Louisville KY, about a half-mile from the banks of the Ohio River. The restaurant is in a welcoming barn-style building that has a classic country feel with a big wrap-around porch. The food fits the look, as you can get a variety of classic Kentucky-style comfort dishes in a laid-back atmosphere when you dine in.

Lindsay herself had worked at the location for years and served for the previous owners. Lindsay stuck with the business and learned the ropes, eventually getting an opportunity to take it over herself. Since then, she has made the business her own, built it up, and recently made the investment of purchasing the building.

One of the ways Linsday made the business her own is by incorporating several family recipes passed down from her Grandmother. These recipes, along with some specials that came from her cook, Betsy, make for a great lineup of scratch-made classic country dishes. And if you ask her customers, everything on the menu is very good.

Lindsay also made the business her own by choosing to offer second-chance employment to much of her staff, something she takes pride in as a person who has gone through recovery for alcohol. This allows Linsday to give back to the community while helping bring people up who have been through rougher times.

Lindsay’s Kitchen is also a retailer for Dan-O’s Seasoning. They have large and small seasoning bottles available for purchase while keeping several Dan-O-Fide items on the menu. These items include some mouthwatering chicken wings, crispy fried cod; and two customer favorites, Dan-O’s Seasoned chicken livers, and grilled fish.

Lindsay Kitchen keeps Dan-O’s on its menu as believers of the products and as a supporter of local business. Lindsay also has ties to Dan-O’s founder Dan Oliver, as he and her brother grew up together. After that, she met the company’s number one hype man (Toothpick Timmy) at Dan’s previous job. Dan-O’s has been in the picture ever since, and now you might even see Lindsay’s staff wearing co-branded Dan-O’s and Linsday’s Kitchen shirts in the restaurant!

So, needless to say, the team at Dan-O’s is grateful to be featured at Lindsay’s Kitchen and is glad our seasoning helped bring some of us through the doors. Because many of us would be back getting our fix of down-home cooking even if we weren’t on the menu.

Lindsay’s Kitchen can be found at 300 Cane Run Rd, Louisville, KY 40258 and their hours are 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. Stop in to try out the Dan-O’s-seasoning items (or anything else) and check their Facebook Page to see the daily specials.

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