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Diamond Pub & Billiard Hosts Dan-O’s Takeover Night

Diamond Pub & Billiard Hosts Dan-O’s Takeover Night

Published Thursday, September 9th, 2021 / 10:01 AM

LOUISVILLE, KY – Those who know Dan-O’s Seasoning founder, Dan Oliver, know that the roots of his company took hold at a place where he was once a bartender. Last week, Dan came back to that bar with his whole team, some fans, and a custom food menu featuring his famed seasoning.

The bar is a staple in the Louisville bar and restaurant scene, Diamonds Pub and Billiards in St. Matthews. It’s known for its expansive pool hall, great food, affordable drinks, and musical acts. The bar is also the place where Dan-O’s Seasoning famously took root!

While Dan was working at Diamonds, he occasionally filled in as a cook. This is where he started adding the seasoning blend he created in college to the chicken that he was serving his customers. One day, a person he served mentioned that it was the best-tasting seasoning he ever had and asked why Dan wasn’t selling it.

The day that Dan received that feedback on his seasoning, was the day he had his “ah-ha” moment. He decided he would call the seasoning Dan-O’s and hit the ground running. He then started selling some of the first iterations of Dan-O’s Seasoning at the bar before he left to work for his company full time.

Dan was proud to come back last week for the takeover, which was a joint effort with Dan-O’s Seasoning and bar owner Jared Matthews. Matthews, Dan’s former boss, has been there since the first bottles of Dan-O’s were sold and has been a friend and mentor to Dan every step of the way.

And while the food is always great at Diamonds, the event featured some of the bar’s tastiest food yet. The menu included a Spicy Dan-O’s jalapeno burger, nachos, a Dan-O’s cut-throat chicken sandy, and much more. The response to the menu items were all very positive.

The takeover also included some billiards, something Dan and fellow Dan-O’s team member, Toothpick Timmy, are very passionate about. The whole Dan-O’s team as well as their friends and family were invited, and the event was open to the public as well.

There are plans for Dan-O’s to co-host several other restaurant takeovers in 2021, with another 3 already on the schedule. The public is always invited, so keep your eyes out if you’re local to Louisville, KY, and would like to join!

For up-to-date information on the Dan-O’s Seasoning restaurant takeovers, you can join the Dan-O’s Fan-O’s group on FaceBook or follow Dan-O’s on social media. If you or a friend own a Louisville-area business and are interested in co-hosting an event with Dan-O’s Seasoning, fill out a contact form on the website.

The team would like to give special thanks to Jared Matthews and the entire Diamonds staff for their hard work and hospitality. If you’re in the city ever, we highly recommend stopping into one of the two Diamonds Pub and Billiard locations for a Dan-Good time!

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