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Dan-O’s To Release New Hot Chipotle Seasoning

Dan-O’s To Release New Hot Chipotle Seasoning

Published Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 / 10:50 AM

Things are starting to heat up here at Dan-O’s! Starting December 1st, 2021, our long-awaited Dan-O’s Seasoning Hot Chipotle Blend will be released to our domestic customers. This seasoning will be our company’s hottest, most anticipated product launch for yet!

The first renditions of the chipotle blend started being teased by Dan-O on our social media channels early in 2021. Some of those videos included a chipotle seasoned pork butt, a rib video, and a chipotle version of the Dan-O’s Original Chicken thighs.

Ever since Dan started teasing the product, fans have been asking in video comments when it will be available for purchase. Many of these folks have reached out as lovers the Dan-O’s core products, but have desired something spicier, and we’re excited to give that to them!

The chipotle blend will be great for any dish that you would want to kick up the heat on but will be perfect for barbecuing, southwest, and Tex-Mex style cooking. This means your homemade tacos, chili, quesadillas, or queso, or rice and beans will be Dan-Good without having to add any chili powder, paprika, or anything extra.

The blend will also be great for our fans in the smoking and BBQ community! Spicy food is trending lately, and spicy ribs, pork butts, and chicken are always a hit. We’ve found it to be perfect for smoked proteins too, with our Chipotle Blend as the main rub, then finished with a sweet BBQ sauce for a blend of spicy, smoky, and sweet flavors.

The Dan-O’s Hot Chipotle Blend will be available in 3.5 and 20 oz sizes, and will also be part of a new variety pack with the original and spicy Blends. There will also be a Dan-O’s Chipotle shirt and hat to go with the release, which will be exclusively sold on the website. The new seasoning will be available on Amazon and the Dan-O’s Seasoning online store. 

Keep an eye out for several upcoming recipes from the Dan-O’s team and our community both on our website and YouTube Channel. We look forward to kicking it up a few notches with you!

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