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Dan-O’s catches lightning in a bottle when they’re featured in the Food Institute!

Dan-O’s catches lightning in a bottle when they’re featured in the Food Institute!

Published Friday, March 10th, 2023 / 11:00 AM

Louisville, Ky– Dan-O’s caught lightning in a bottle as they were featured in the Food Institute’s recent article “Catching lightning: Tiktok & Blowing up Your Brand.” This featured article discusses how brands, such as Dan-O’s Seasoning, have used Tiktok to increase their brand recognition. The article goes into detail of how Dan’s, the founder of Dan-O’s Seasoning, success was credited to his authenticity as the catalyst that skyrocketed the brand to fame. The article covers a pivotal moment for Dan-O’s, when made crab cakes with his own seasoning rather than the signature Old Bay Seasoning many were accustomed to. With the internet enraged by the audacity of his stunt, he simply held firm with “LOL, well you don’t know till you Dan-O!”

This begins the coverage of Dan’s controversial tactics on TikTok as his key to drive engagement and conversation about the brand before moving into how his behind the scenes team has grown and his efforts in influencer marketing. Dan focuses on his brand’s influencer marketing efforts by showcasing how investing in these opportunities leads to selling out of products, suggesting that more small businesses focus on influencer marketing. The article ends with a quote from Dan, “TikTok was the opportunity and I maximized the opportunity. I was already struggling and doing the hard work. If I had known about it earlier, maybe the same thing would have happened – maybe not – but it’s the struggle that shows you who you are and helps you appreciate what you have and what you can do.”

Dan-O’s would like to thank the Food Institute for their coverage. You can read the article on their site, and you can purchase Dan-O’s at a retailer near you.

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