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Dan-O’s & Spencer Boyd Fans Request NASCAR Hero Cards

Dan-O’s & Spencer Boyd Fans Request NASCAR Hero Cards

Published Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 / 4:07 PM

LOUISVILLE, KY – Sponsoring a NASCAR truck was certainly a first for Dan-O’s Seasoning this year. It was also the first time Dan-O’s received promotional hero cards as the primary sponsor of a race! Shortly after the race, the team received several handwritten letters from Boyd’s fans requesting these hero cards; now that they have arrived at the Dan-O’s HQ, the team has finally fulfilled those wishes!

One request came from a father and his son that are big fans of Spencer Boyd. They mentioned that they have a hero card from every one of Boyd’s races. Another came from a young fan who enjoys watching the races with his friends, so the team sent out 6 of the autographed hero cards to him and his friends. The team also received an additional request from a member of a hero card group in Georgia requesting one for each member.

Around race time, many Dan-O’s Seasoning fans started to reach out for these cards as well. Most adamant on getting some were a few super fans in the Dan-O’s Facebook Group “Dan-O’s Fan-O’s” and a Dan-O’s and Boyd super-fan in California.

In total, the team at Dan-O’s received over a dozen card requests that included handwritten letters, emails, and a variety of social media messages. It was great to see a mix of Dan-O’s and Boyd fans showing interest, with everyone from collectors to father-son spectators sending in requests. The race was special to the team at Dan-O’s too, so these requests were quite meaningful.

For those who are still interested in getting a card, stay tuned to Dan-O’s Seasoning’s Facebook and social media channels for a special announcement! The team is cooking up something special to commemorate Dan-O’s Seasoning and Spencer Boyd’s historic partnership. Those who subscribe to Dan-O’s email or social media profiles will be among the first to receive the news.

To see more of Dan-O’s Seasoning on and around the racetrack, be sure to follow the Dan-O’s Seasoning YouTube channel. There you can video blogs from Dan-O’s in Daytona, Charlotte, and Talladega! You can follow Spencer Boyd on his Facebook or Instagram to see his racing schedule and updates!

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