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Dan-O’s Seasoning Unveils “SEA-soning”:  The New Culinary Treasure for Seafood Lovers

Dan-O’s Seasoning Unveils “SEA-soning”: The New Culinary Treasure for Seafood Lovers

Published Thursday, February 1st, 2024 / 12:00 PM

Louisville, KY, (February 1, 2024) — Dan-O’s Seasoning, the flavor sensation that’s been shaking up the seasoning scene since 2015, is thrilled to announce the newest addition to its flavorful fleet: SEA-soning. Set to anchor in kitchens nationwide, SEA-soning is crafted for seafood enthusiasts but is versatile enough to enhance a wide array of dishes.

“SEA-soning is not just a product, it’s a wave of innovation in the seasoning world,” exclaimed Phillip Crosby, CEO of Dan-O’s Seasoning. “With half the sodium of our leading competitor and the use of real sea salt, we’re proving that great taste doesn’t have to be a sea of salt. ‘Don’t be salty’ isn’t just our tagline; it’s our culinary philosophy.”

Dan “Dan-O” Oliver, the founder, shared his excitement and some mouth-watering ideas for the new seasoning: “Imagine the taste of a perfectly seasoned shrimp scampi, the zesty kick in an Oyster Rockefeller, or the rich flavors in a crab dip that just brings the sea to your table. SEA-soning is the perfect mate for these dishes. Hosting a seafood boil? Sprinkle some SEA-soning and watch your guests dive in! And let’s not forget the classic fish and chips – with SEA-soning, it’s not just fish and chips, it’s a flavor adventure!”

Dan-O added, “We’re not just fishing for compliments here, but I believe SEA-soning is going to be the catch of the day, every day. It’s a game-changer, not just for seafood, but for anything from eggs to fries. It’s time to dive into flavor like never before!”

SEA-soning boasts a unique blend of herbs and spices with only 50mg of sodium per serving, ensuring a guilt-free, flavor-packed experience that won’t leave you feeling like a salty pirate. This low-sodium, high-flavor approach aligns with Dan-O’s commitment to healthier, yet delicious, seasoning options.

Set sail for flavor on February 1st, when SEA-soning debuts on and e-commerce platforms like Amazon. And for those who prefer to navigate their local retailers, keep a lookout in the spring when it docks at stores like Walmart and Kroger.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, SEA-soning is poised to be your new secret weapon in the kitchen. So, dive into it by sizzling up some SEA-soned grilled salmon. Don’t miss the boat on this one – it’s shore to be a hit!

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