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Dan-O’s Links Up With National Turkey Federation

Dan-O’s Links Up With National Turkey Federation

Published Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 / 10:05 AM

Ocean Springs, MS – The team at Dan-O’s Seasoning is back from a recent visit to the Shed BBQ’s Dual Steak Showdown in Mississippi where Dan-O was a celebrity judge. This was one of Dan-O’s Seasoning’s first events since 2019, and the team was glad to make some new friends in the food community. One of these new friends was the folks at the National Turkey Federation (NTF).

The NTF is one of the main sponsors of the Shed’s BBQ competition and is also the founder of the Turkey Smoke Competition, which hosted an event that same weekend at the Shed. The NTF holds turkey competitions all over the United States via Turkey Smoke, while advocating for the turkey industry on a national level.

Dan and the rest of the Dan-O’s team were introduced to the NTF by Shed owner Brad Orrison. From there, the NTF and Dan-O’s connected over all things turkey and all things seasoning. The NTF team also, in true turkey fashion, hooked Dan-O’s team up with a competition turkey breast to demo Dan-O’s Seasoning on.

While the Dan-O’s team did not make the signup date for the turkey competition, that didn’t stop them from connecting with pitmaster Brandon Jansen, from DB’s BB, to cook up that competition-style turkey breast. Of course, the turkey was cooked with the ultimate turkey flavoring, Dan-O’s spicy seasoning. The turkey ended up being a hit with all who tried it, including Dan-O’s new friends in the NTF.

So what’s next for Dan-O’s and its new friend in the turkey industry? Dan-O’s hopes to get involved in one of the next turkey competitions and has some tentative plans for holding one of its own in 2022. It’s also certain that the teams will reconnect at more events in the coming years, as Dan-O’s grows and becomes more involved in the national BBQ community.

The team at Dan-O’s wants to thank the folks at the National Turkey Federation for their hospitality and for their interest in Dan-O’s Seasoning. To get some highlights from Dan-O’s weekend in Mississippi at the Shed, as well as the turkey cooking action, check out the Dan-O’s YouTube channel. Also, be sure to check out the NTF’s Website or the Turkey Smoke Website to get involved, or to learn more about one of America’s favorite proteins.

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