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Dan-O’s Hits the Track at Daytona

Dan-O’s Hits the Track at Daytona

Published Friday, August 14th, 2020 / 4:31 PM

DAYTONA, FL —  Spencer Boyd has spiced up his #20 truck for this weekend’s upcoming race in Daytona by partnering with Dan-O’s Seasoning to unveil a Dan-O’s Seasoning NASCAR truck featuring the classic Dan-O’s logo, and even Little Danny himself.

Boyd is no stranger to the track: He’s been racing go-karts since he was five years old, and in the driver’s seat even longer than that. “My dad raced go-karts before I was born a little bit. I was young, I got [started] on dirt bikes and four wheelers at three or four years old,” Boyd said. By the time he was 10, he was racing karts that got up to speeds of 100 mph.

“It’s pretty crazy. Growing up racing, I moved down to North Carolina from St. Louis when I was 14 to chase that dream. I went to high school like a normal kid, and was chasing a racing deal all over the country.”

“A lot of drivers make it to NASCAR and never win a race. So, to be able to check that box meant a lot. My parents were there, they sacrificed a lot for me to get the opportunity to make it to NASCAR and chase my dreams,” Boyd said.

After changing his number as a teenager from 8 to mimic Busch’s 18, Boyd began winning races again after a bit of a dry spell, he said, “My parents thought that was funny.”

Busch’s truck team has crossed paths with Boyd a few times, “You’re constantly taking notes, and he brings a lot of fans to the truck series,” Boyd said.

He was finally able to realize his dream of starting in a NASCAR race at the age of 20 — right before his self-imposed cut-off date. Boyd said that he told himself, “If I don’t make the NASCAR start by the time I’m 21, I’m gonna hang this up and keep selling cars.”

Luckily, Boyd kept chasing his dream, and won his first race at Talladega’s Gander Truck Race.

Like many others, Boyd found himself with some unexpected free time this year, so he started spending more time with one of his other passions: Cooking.

That’s how he found Dan-O’s, and a partnership was born.

“A lot of people in the garage know that I’m a go-getter, I go out there and find the partners that I want to align with and it doesn’t always work out, but it’s great that we’re able to put this together with Dan-O’s…it’s something that I use, and that’s how it all got started.”

While the spicy Dan-O’s is Boyd’s favorite, he’s found some unusual uses for it as well, such as taking it along with him to the Hibachi grill, or using it to spice up a normally boring turkey burger that turned out, as Dan-O’s founder, Dan Oliver would say, “Dan-O-Myte!”

Even though the NASCAR season is halfway over, Boyd has no plans to slow down: “COVID put a damper on things, and we had three months off. I’m used to racing on Friday nights, but here we are racing Fridays, Sundays, nine races in a row so my boys in the shop are working really hard.”

Even though he has a rigorous racing schedule for the rest of the season, Boyd is excited to keep working with Dan-O’s as not only a sponsor, but as a product he loves and believes in. When asked what he’s up to for the rest of the year, Boyd mentioned, “I’m still doing [a lot of] fishing, hunting, cooking outdoors. That’s what I like to do, so stay tuned on my social media [to see more of that].”

You can tune in to see Boyd racing in the NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series on Sunday, August 16th at noon EST on Fox Sports.This race is the first time all three major branches of NASCAR are coming together on one track. Be sure to check out the truck series and root on Boyd in his #20 truck!

To keep up with everything Boyd is up to in between races, follow him on his TwitterInstagramTikTok, or Facebook.

August 18, 2020


Boyd and his team earned a top-20 spot in the race, he came in with a 7th place finish on the Daytona Road Course. The finish marked Boyd’s best finish of 2020 thus far – his previous best was 18th at Kansas and gave him his third Top-20 this year.

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