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Dan-O’s Goes Upscale at Volare Italian Ristorante

Dan-O’s Goes Upscale at Volare Italian Ristorante

Published Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 / 1:31 PM

While Dan-O’s Seasoning is no stranger to restaurant and commercial kitchen menus, this year delivered two of its most monumental features yet. On two occasions, Dan-O’s flagship blend of herbs and spices was featured in dishes at an upscale eatery by a nationally-recognized chef.

The eatery is a Louisville-based restaurant called Volare Italian Ristorante, and the chef is Joshua Moore – a locally renowned chef who recently achieved recognition as a “Chopped Champion” on the popular Food Network’s show, “Chopped.”

Dan Oliver and Chef Joshua Moore posing for a pic

Volare’s most recent dish that features Dan-O’s herb and spice blend, is the “Cappesante Scallop Antipasto,” a scallop dish that’s part of its winter menu. It features crispy prosciutto, sweet potato puree, brussels sprout slaw, Dan-O’s-seasoned seared scallops, and toasted almonds.

When Dan-O’s founder, Dan Oliver, sat down to try the dish, he made several tasting notes. These notes include the balance of the dish, the sweet and salty combination of the prosciutto and sweet potato, and the freshness of the slaw. And, of course, the scallops seasoned with his herb and spice blend gave the whole dish substance.

Dan-O's Seasoned grilled scallops at volare italian ristorante

Volare is a personal favorite of Dan Oliver’s, who has a strong affection for two of the restaurant’s core offerings: seafood and Italian dishes. Dan first visited Volare in 2019, and after meeting with Joshua Moore, the two kicked it off and started collaborating. Shortly after, Dan-O’s Seasoning was featured on Volare’s menu in the spring of 2020 on a pan-seared fish.

The restaurant has been a part of Louisville’s restaurant scene since its opening in 2004, with Joshua Moore coming on as Executive Chef in 2005. The restaurant is known for its farm-to-table produce grown at the chef’s farm, its mouthwatering steaks, vibrant Italian dishes, and its fresh seafood sourced from around the globe.

As Dan-O’s Seasoning becomes increasingly popular, more people are becoming aware of its uses on seafood. Preparing seafood is the founder’s favorite use for the product, as its composition of citrus, sea salt, garlic, and fresh herbs make it perfect for any seafood dish. Chef Joshua Moore must have had the same realization, as this is the second seafood dish of his that features the seasoning.

Chef Moore’s new creation has hit the Volare menu just in time for their partial reopening and will be available until March of 2021. Volare is now accepting reservations and is offering pickup and delivery options for those interested in their offerings. See the Volare website for more information.

To try Dan-O’s Seasoning for yourself, or to learn more about the highly-regarded seasoning blends, visit the Dan-O’s Seasoning website or on social media.

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