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Dan-O’s Demos New Product at Gator Smoke Event

Dan-O’s Demos New Product at Gator Smoke Event

Published Thursday, October 28th, 2021 / 4:00 PM

Last week, Dan-O’s teamed up with members of the Louisville grilling and smoking community to demo its newest product in an epic way. With the help of some friends, Dan-O’s and a guest pitmaster smoked a whole 5-foot alligator at a prominent Louisville barbecue restaurant.

The event took place at a staple in the local barbecue scene, Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot (F.A.B.D.) in Louisville’s Crescent Hill neighborhood. F.A.B.D’s owner, Dave Alvey, welcomed the idea of the gator smoke, offering the teams to use one of his large barrel smokers for the event.

John King of the Bourbon N Bitez team was the guest pitmaster who smoked the gator and helped orchestrate the event. John, a friend of Dan-O’s Seasoning, was more than excited to demo the new Dan-O’s product, and worked hard catering and entertaining the Dan-O’s team and the guests of F.A.B.D.

Since gator is not local to Kentucky, the 33 lb gator was imported from Louisiana. To make things even more epic, it was also wrapped in bacon and was smoked with a duck in its mouth during the cooking process.

The gator smoke event was the first large-scale demo of Dan-O’s Seasoning’s new Chipotle Blend, which is set to release later in the year. The chipotle blend turned out perfect for the gator, offering a nice kick, with hints of garlic, onion, citrus, and herbs. The gator was a hit with all of the attendees who tried samples of tenderloin, ribs, tail meat, and more.

Dan-O and the rest of the seasoning team are grateful for F.A.B.D. and Bourbon N Bitez for making the event happen and giving an epic kickoff to the new Chipotle Blend. The expertise of pitmaster John and the hospitality of F.A.B.D. were appreciated through all parts of the event.

To keep up with the happenings of the Bourbon N Bitez crew and all of their bourbon and food content, give them a follow on Instagram. To try some of the best barbecue in the city and some great brews, be sure to check out F.A.B.D. at 3204 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206 or follow them on Facebook.

The Dan-O’s Hot Chipotle Seasoning is set to be released by the end of the year, so be sure to subscribe to the Dan-O’s newsletter, or check the online store towards the end of November for updates!

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