Dan-O’s Related Questions

It is not. The only thing different with spicy Dan-O’s is the addition of cayenne pepper, and there is not too much of it. It just has a little kick similar to a creole seasoning.

In case you haven’t tried it… Dan-O’s has a mix of orange peel and lemon peel, which gives it a little zest. It has a wonderful non-overpowering salt flavor from the natural sea salt and the perfect amount of garlicky and oniony goodness. The herbs you pick up on are mostly parsley and rosemary, with parsley coming through in dry form and rosemary that really picks up when some moisture is added. These as well as the other “secret spices” all come together to produce an incredible flavor. The spicy is all of this, plus a little kick. 

The main ingredients are all-natural sea salt, garlic, onion, rosemary, parsley, orange peel, and lemon peel. There are a few unnamed ingredients to protect the secret recipe, but this would be the main flavor profile. There is absolutely no sugar, MSG, or chemicals in Dan-O’s. Just all-natural, high-quality real herbs and spices AKA real flavor!

Dan-O’s Seasoning is produced, bottled, and handled in good ole Louisville KY., Dan Oliver’s hometown. The shirts and hats are also printed and embroidered in Louisville, which is where the entire Dan-O’s team operates!

If you’re not sharing recipes of your own (we have some cooks in the Dan Fam), feel free to refer your followers to our website for ideas on using their products. We have high-quality video recipes where they can see various ways to use Dan-O’s, get some cool tips, and perhaps learn a few cooking techniques.

We have seen this question before, though they are quite fair. Dan-O’s does not make any money on shipping and would lose money on most orders if it was free. Our rates are standard and will be the same if you were to buy Dan-O’s on Amazon or Walmart. We do offer free shipping on orders over $50.00.

For the seasoning products, we only use premium, all-natural ingredients from high-quality sources. We do not have any fillers in our products and they are made in the US. There is very low sodium, and no sugar in Dan-O’s, which are two of the cheapest ingredients out there. We literally only use the good stuff, including natural sea salt. And while we don’t want to point fingers, the $5.00 MSRP for a small bottle is a 4th of the MSRP of one of our biggest competitors.

In most cases, affiliates do not have a discount code, but there are special circumstances depending on the affiliate and their compensation package. When there is not a discount available, as in most instances, we recommend referring customers to the website to sign up for our newsletter. Newsletter signups get a 15% off code they can use on their initial purchase! They can also get free shipping on purchases of $50.00 or more.