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Dan Inspires Fellow Entrepreneurs In The Louisville Community

Dan Inspires Fellow Entrepreneurs In The Louisville Community

Published Friday, April 15th, 2022 / 6:16 PM

Our Founder, Dan Oliver, recently had the opportunity to speak at Homepage Reality and discuss his journey as an entrepreneur. Dan is passionate about inspiring others to go after their dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Dan himself started this company back in 2015 with a clear vision in mind. He wanted Dan-O’s to be in every household in America. He believed in his product and he believed that his product could help change people’s lives.

In his speech, Dan talked about his journey to success. He talked about how he originally got the plan for the business and how he spent weeks trying to perfect his formula. Many times he struggled, but ultimately he was able to learn from these struggles and adapt.

In one certain case, Dan talks about how early on some customers reacted to the product and why they weren’t deciding to buy. Many people did not like how the initial recipe had a pinch of sugar in it because of dietary concerns. For others, the bottle wasn’t very appealing or the size of the bottle itself made the product more expensive.

“It wasn’t just the look of it, it was also the feedback that I was getting,” Dan said. “That’s when I decided to pivot… How can I find my niche and build my value? My value was to go no sugar.”

Although everyone’s journey to a successful career is different, the same principles still apply. You have to be hard-working, set a goal, make a clear plan, and also be willing to take criticism and know how to adapt to it.

Dan then spoke about other ways he has made a successful company. He said, “The best salesman is the one who knows how to listen… Know how to listen and figure out people’s problems like I did… not only is this great, but you can learn how to build value in your product.”

He wrapped things up by talking about the purpose of doing what you do. “Do you do this for the money or do you do it because you love it?”

One thing is for sure, Dan Oliver built this company because he’s passionate about his company and he loves doing it.

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