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Cooking with Dan-O’s at Country Boy Brewing

Cooking with Dan-O’s at Country Boy Brewing

Published Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 / 4:13 PM

Georgetown, KY – As a member of the Dan-O’s Seasoning team, I can say we’re always excited to hear when someone’s using our herb and spice blends to make awesome food. So, when we heard that the largest brewery in the state is using Dan-O’s Seasoning in their kitchen, we had to make a trip about it!

The Dan-O’s team visited Country Boy Brewing’s Georgetown, KY location on March 9th, 2021. When we arrived, Daniel “DH” Harrison and the rest of the Country Boy team went right to work to make Dan-O, Toothpick Timmy, and the rest of our team at home. This included a tour, some brews, and a killer selection of food, most of which was seasoned with Dan-O’s.

The food was dished out by Country Boy’s pitmaster, Steve Caudill, AKA Big Hazzard BBQ. I was given Steve’s info before visiting because we knew I’d want to get the scoop and nerd out about food with him. Steve, however, needed no introduction, as he was the person making sure everyone was fed and was one of several folks working Dan hard to make us feel at home.

For a place that just recently started adding smoked foods to its menu, Country Boy’s outdoor cooking station is very impressive, as they have enough equipment to feed a small army. And while they must have taken several hours to prepare, in no time, Steve was turning out special dishes like his slow-smoked soup beans, pork belly burnt ends, and Dan-O’s-seasoned smoked turkey.

Country Boy Brewing started adding smoked food items to its menu early in 2020. This is when Steve Caudill, who has been with Country Boy since day 1 (in one way or another) stepped up the plate… or smoker, if you will. Steve now cooks with Country Boy full time and continues to evolve the menu with mouth-watering grilled and smoked food options.

Dan-O’s came into the picture shortly after Steve became the full-time pitmaster. He was given a few bottles of Dan-O’s Seasoning from another Country Boy employee, Jordan Bourton, who met Dan Oliver at a trade show in Louisville. Steve took to the flavor right away and after experimenting with the seasoning at home, brought some to work after realizing it would be great for some Country Boy menu items. 

You can see how Country Boy does Dan-O’s if you visit their Georgetown location and catch one of the Dan-O-Fide menu items when they’re available. This includes their slow-cooked soup beans and their smoked turkey sandwich, both of which are big hits each time they are offered as specials. 

Now for the brews, those that are 21 and older can find Country Boy Brewing’s beers all over Kentucky and the surrounding states. But, to get the full experience, you’d want to visit the taphouse and pair a brew with some of the fine eats we mentioned in this article.

We once again want to thank Country Boy Brewing for having us and for showing us some Kentucky-brewed hospitality! For more information on Country Boy Brewing, check out their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. And to follow the pitmaster who brought our seasoning to the table, check out “Big Hazzard BBQ” on Instagram. Cheers!

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