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Dan-O’s & Spencer Boyd to Return to the Track at Darlington

Dan-O’s Seasoning is pleased to announce that it will once again be a main sponsor for NASCAR driver Spencer Boyd in a Truck Series Race. This time, Dan-O’s Seasoning and Boyd will team up at the September 5th playoff opener at the historic Darlington Speedway in Darlington County, SC.  Fans of Boyd’s or Dan-O’s might recall that the two teams partnered up last August for a street course race at Daytona Speedway where Dan-O’s was the primary sponsor. This came to fruition after Boyd learned about the seasoning products via TikTok in the offseason. After that, Boyd’s team connected with the folks at Dan-O’s Seasoning, and the teams kicked it off from there.  Fans might recall that Boyd and Dan-O enjoyed some off-track time last year, including grilling out in Daytona, driving the track before the race, and racing go-karts. The Dan-O’s team attended the race and documented the whole thing, which you can see in a multi-part series on the Dan-O’s Seasoning YouTube Channel.  Boyd has stayed active with Dan-O’s in the offseason as well. Boyd, whose personal nutritionist recommends a lot of fish and chicken, approves of the seasoning – so Boyd often uses Dan-O’s to spice up some otherwise basic proteins. And as a lover of food, Boyd is also quick to hype up Dan-O’s recipes and cooking adventures on social media. There was even a Special Edition Spencer Boyd Seasoning Bottle made for him, which is still available on the Dan-O’s Website! Last year, the two teams went with a green truck wrap to represent the colors of the Dan-O’s Original Seasoning. This year, they will be spicing things up with a red color scheme to match the Dan-O’s Spicy Seasoning variant. Does this mean there will be some spicy special-edition merchandise this year? Stay tuned to find out!    It’s almost guaranteed that there will be some more off-track shenanigans with the Dan-O’s and Boyd teams in South Carolina come this June. There are even talks of Dan and Boyd cooking fan-submitted recipes and voting on their favorites for a grand prize. The team at Dan-O’s mentioned  they are all excited to get back to the race track and cook up some fun with Boyd.    Finally, to catch the race, tune in to NBC Sports on September 5th or visit the NASCAR website for tickets. To see the on and off-track fun, follow Spencer Boyd’s FaceBook or Instagram pages, or any of the Dan-O’s Seasoning social media accounts. 

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Dan-O’s & Morris Racing Return To Talladega Short Track

Dan-O’s Seasoning is pleased to announce that it’s extending its sponsorship with Morris Racing into the 2021 racing season. Dan-O’s will be the primary sponsor of Jason Morris and his team, who race at the Talladega Short Track in Talladega, Alabama.  The two teams linked up early last year after Andrew Kirkland (Bama Andy) and Dan-O’s Seasoning founder (Dan Oliver) connected through TikTok. Andy, who is plugged into the racing community, thought that Morris Racing and Dan-O’s Seasoning would be a great fit for one another. Dan thought so as well, and now the teams are working together for the 2nd year. The Morris Racing Team’s racing season opener was on March 27th, 2021, which went great for the team as Morris earned a podium 2nd-place finish in his limited-late model class. Morris had been consistently finishing in the top 3-5 towards the end of last year’s season, so he feels he’s in tune with his ride as of late.  Morris Racing has already started documenting its off-track journey for the year, which is an accurate depiction of what working-class race-life is like outside of the major racing circuits. The team mostly does this through video, where you can catch anything from the guys working on their car, to some of the ups and downs on the way to the track. You can keep up with this behind-the-scenes action, as well as the racing action on Bama Andy’s YouTube Channel, and Facebook Page or the official Morris Racing Facebook Page.  Last racing season, Dan-O visited the track, so you can get a behind-the-scenes look in the Morris Racing garage and the Talladega Short Track in a 3-part series on the Dan-O’s Seasoning Youtube Channel.  The late-model class that Morris races in typically runs around 7:00 PM Central with live streams on his official Facebook page. You’ll want to check this page for an up-to-date schedule on when Jason is racing, as he does not have a set schedule, but rather races as often as he can.  So if you ever want to tune in to see this high-speed friend of Dan-O’s, to wish Jason luck, or to show your support, give him a follow on his Facebook page or watch Andy’s Streams for some Saturday night racing action. And if you’re ever near Talledega, you ought to stop in at the Short Track and say hi to the Morris Racing team in-person. They’re sure to show you a Dan Good time!  May 2, 2021 – Update!! Please join Dan-O’s Seasoning in congratulating Jason Morris and his team on their first-place finish in his Limited Late Model Class on May 1st, 2021. Morris is now 3rd in the Griffin Laser and Engraving Steel Head Sportsman Division in overall points, and just 2 points away from 1st place. You can see highlights from Jason’s winning run, as well as some special moments from victory lane in Bama Andy’s latest YouTube video. Congrats again, Jason!

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Tournament Fishing with Dan-O’s & Andrew Dunford

Dan-O’s Seasoning is proud to be the primary sponsor of Andrew Dunford for the 2021 Bass Fishing season. The partnership will take place over the year and will include at least five events in the major league fishing bass fishing league (or the MLFBFL). Dunford will primarily be participating as a co-angler at the MLFBFL tour stops at Kentucky Lake, a premier fishing destination about an hour south of Paducah, Kentucky. He also has plans to participate in as many as 20 local tournaments, which happen throughout the year near his home town in Southern Illinois. In an interview, Dunford mentioned that he’s been fishing ever since he was big enough to hold a pole. Growing up near a lake and always having access to a boat ensured that he had ample time on the water, and he always had friends and family in the community to learn from. In 2017, Dunford decided to give tournament fishing a try, recently making his way to MLFBFL events. Dunford reached out to the team at Dan-O’s Seasoning after meeting Toothpick Timmy at an outdoor expo in Paducah. He fell in love with the seasoning after sampling it and knew right away he wanted to work with the brand. Dunford mentioned that the hard work of Dan-O’s founder Dan Oliver resonates with him, which was another reason for him reaching out. His outreach eventually worked, resulting in Dan-O’s becoming Dunford’s first major sponsor. Since his sponsorship, Dunford has shown the makings of a true brand steward for Dan-O’s. He has since posted a video of himself grilling while using the seasonings, has joined the Dan-O’s affiliate program, and has taken photographs of his Dan-O’s bottles and merch out at the lake. He’s also quick to recommend Dan-O’s to his friends and followers, so the Dan-O’s team is thankful for Dunford’s efforts in being a great partner. The first major event of the year for Dunford will be March 27th at Kentucky lake. The official weigh-in videos can be found at if you want to keep up with the results. But, since those videos can be pretty lengthy, Dunford’s always-supportive wife live streams on the Dunford Outdoors Facebook channel when it’s his turn to weigh in. To keep up with Dunford over this year’s fishing season, check out Dunford Outdoors on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or give him a follow to show your support!

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Dan-O’s & Spencer Boyd Fans Request NASCAR Hero Cards

Sponsoring a NASCAR truck was certainly a first for Dan-O’s Seasoning this year. It was also the first time Dan-O’s received promotional hero cards as the primary sponsor of a race! Shortly after the race, the team received several handwritten letters from Boyd’s fans requesting these hero cards; now that they have arrived at the Dan-O’s HQ, the team has finally fulfilled those wishes!

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Dan-O’s Sponsors Dirt-Track Race Team

Dan-O’s Seasoning hit the racetrack in 2020 in both large and small fashions, including sponsoring a truck at Daytona and making some visits to the local drag strip. Even with a race-packed year, Dan will never forget his red carpet experience from a local sponsorship at the Talladega Short Track.

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Dan-O’s Hits the Track at Daytona

DAYTONA, FL — Spencer Boyd has spiced up his #20 truck for this weekend’s upcoming race in Daytona by partnering with Dan-O’s Seasoning to unveil a Dan-O’s Seasoning NASCAR truck featuring the classic Dan-O’s logo, and even Little Danny himself.

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