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Dan-O's Derby Kitchen on Wave 3 Listens Live

Dan-O’s Derby Kitchen on Wave 3 Listens Live

Louisville, KY – It’s not just Derby Season, It’s Dan-O Season! Dan-O’s is proud to have partnered with Wave 3 news to bring you Dan-O’s Derby Kitchen on Listens live! Throughout the week of its initial run, Derby Kitchen brought you a brand new Derby Recipe from some of Louisville’s finest Chefs. Send Your Tastebuds off to the Races Dan-O’s is proud to have featured Chefs like Anoosh Shariat, Peng S. Looi, Chef Wes, Jeff Potter, and John Varanese on Derby Kitchen throughout the weeklong event. Each chef brought their own unique dish to the kitchen, all bound together with them popping that trigger finger with some Dan-O’s seasonings.  From Chef Wes’s Hot Brown Cheeseball to Chef Varanese’s Pan fried Butter fish, you’re bound to have the perfect Derby Party Menu by the end! The Dan-O’s Appeal Part of what inspired these Chefs to use Dan-O’s in their Derby recipes is that Dan-O’s is full of all-natural ingredients while maintaining a low sodium content. These ingredients make Dan-O’s an easy pairing with almost any dish. From an Kentucky Hot Brown to a Bloody Mary, Dan-O’s keeps the sodium content low while still packing a punch of flavor. Derby City Service Of course, you can always visit the Derby Kitchen Chefs in their own kitchen. You can find Chef Anoosh Shariat at both Anoosh Bistro & Noosh Nosh, you can also find Chef Peng S. Looi at Noosh Nosh as well. Chef Wes is available for hire as a Private Chef. You can find Chef Jeff Potter at 610 Magnolia, and finally you can find Chef John Varanese at Varanese Restaurant. Be sure to check them out and enjoy some of the finest food Louisville has to offer!

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Dan-O’s Demos New Product at Gator Smoke Event

Last week, Dan-O’s teamed up with members of the Louisville grilling and smoking community to demo its newest product in an epic way. With the help of some friends, Dan-O’s and a guest pitmaster smoked a whole 5-foot alligator at a prominent Louisville barbecue restaurant. The event took place at a staple in the local barbecue scene, Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot (F.A.B.D.) in Louisville’s Crescent Hill neighborhood. F.A.B.D’s owner, Dave Alvey, welcomed the idea of the gator smoke, offering the teams to use one of his large barrel smokers for the event. John King of the Bourbon N Bitez team was the guest pitmaster who smoked the gator and helped orchestrate the event. John, a friend of Dan-O’s Seasoning, was more than excited to demo the new Dan-O’s product, and worked hard catering and entertaining the Dan-O’s team and the guests of F.A.B.D. Since gator is not local to Kentucky, the 33 lb gator was imported from Louisiana. To make things even more epic, it was also wrapped in bacon and was smoked with a duck in its mouth during the cooking process. The gator smoke event was the first large-scale demo of Dan-O’s Seasoning’s new Chipotle Blend, which is set to release later in the year. The chipotle blend turned out perfect for the gator, offering a nice kick, with hints of garlic, onion, citrus, and herbs. The gator was a hit with all of the attendees who tried samples of tenderloin, ribs, tail meat, and more. Dan-O and the rest of the seasoning team are grateful for F.A.B.D. and Bourbon N Bitez for making the event happen and giving an epic kickoff to the new Chipotle Blend. The expertise of pitmaster John and the hospitality of F.A.B.D. were appreciated through all parts of the event. To keep up with the happenings of the Bourbon N Bitez crew and all of their bourbon and food content, give them a follow on Instagram. To try some of the best barbecue in the city and some great brews, be sure to check out F.A.B.D. at 3204 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206 or follow them on Facebook. The Dan-O’s Hot Chipotle Seasoning is set to be released by the end of the year, so be sure to subscribe to the Dan-O’s newsletter, or check the online store towards the end of November for updates!

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Equus Jack’s & Black Rabbit Feature Dan-O’s

Dan-O’s is pleased to announce one of its favorite features to date – its seasoning on the menu at Equus Jack’s Bourbon Restaurant & Lounge in Louisville, KY. Equus Jack’s  Dan-O-Fide menu items were such a big deal to the team that they prompted an unofficial launch party with everything you could want from an upscale eatery and lounge. Equus Jack’s Bourbon Restaurant & Lounge is a four-star restaurant located in the heart of St. Matthews in Louisville. The restaurant, which has been open since 1985, is known in the Louisville restaurant scene for its extensive selection of wine and bourbon and its high-quality, contemporary eats. In 2015 local, restauranteur and long-time friend of Dan-O, Jared Matthews, took ownership of Equus Jack’s. Since then, Jared has put much of his creative genius behind the restaurant, including opening the Black Rabbit, a hidden back-door speakeasy with a full bar and food menu. The launch party with the Dan-O’s team took place in the Black Rabbit, the speakeasy and lounge on the backside of the building. To enter the Black Rabbit, one must go through a secret door, which appears to be a standard bookshelf in the fourier of the entrance. At the Black Rabbit, the Dan-O’s team enjoyed several food items that featured their seasoning, including the shrimp pappardelle, fried chicken, nachos, and pork chops. Many of the dishes served at the event are regular fixtures on the Equus Jack’s and Black Rabbit menu. When discussing why Equus uses Dan-O’s on their menu, Chef Eric mentioned that many of its dishes contain several of the herbs and spices found in the Dan-O’s Seasoning blend. So, the blend makes it that much easier to create those great-tasting dishes. “It’s easy to just buy one bottle, versus several other ingredients at home to make 1 thing. Put it on there and it covers most of your bases.” At the Black Rabbit, the team enjoyed a wide selection of beverages, including a Dan-O’s specialty cocktail, a Spicy Dan-O’s rimmed drink called the Escobar. There were also several glasses of bourbon, wine, beer, and cocktails going around, all poured by well-trained, friendly bar staff. After the experience, any attending member of team Dan-O’s can attest to the Dan-Good food and cocktails that Equus Jack’s serves, and many team members have plans to come back. So, next time you’re looking for a nice place for a date or night out in the city, that also serves Dan-Good dishes, look no further than Equus Jack’s and the Black Rabbit Speakeasy. Equus Jack’s is located at 122 Sears Avenue Louisville, KY 40207. You can place a reservation on their website or through

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Eatin’ Dan Good Dishes at Linsday’s Kitchen in Louisville

Louisville, KY – A few months back, local restaurant owner Lindsay Hack and her crew at Lindsay’s Kitchen introduced some Dan Good eats to their menu. We folks on the Dan-O’s team of course had to check it out and get the full story. Lindsay’s Kitchen is located on Cane Run Rd in Louisville KY, about a half-mile from the banks of the Ohio River. The restaurant is in a welcoming barn-style building that has a classic country feel with a big wrap-around porch. The food fits the look, as you can get a variety of classic Kentucky-style comfort dishes in a laid-back atmosphere when you dine in. Lindsay herself had worked at the location for years and served for the previous owners. Lindsay stuck with the business and learned the ropes, eventually getting an opportunity to take it over herself. Since then, she has made the business her own, built it up, and recently made the investment of purchasing the building. One of the ways Linsday made the business her own is by incorporating several family recipes passed down from her Grandmother. These recipes, along with some specials that came from her cook, Betsy, make for a great lineup of scratch-made classic country dishes. And if you ask her customers, everything on the menu is very good. Lindsay also made the business her own by choosing to offer second-chance employment to much of her staff, something she takes pride in as a person who has gone through recovery for alcohol. This allows Linsday to give back to the community while helping bring people up who have been through rougher times. Lindsay’s Kitchen is also a retailer for Dan-O’s Seasoning. They have large and small seasoning bottles available for purchase while keeping several Dan-O-Fide items on the menu. These items include some mouthwatering chicken wings, crispy fried cod; and two customer favorites, Dan-O’s Seasoned chicken livers, and grilled fish. Lindsay Kitchen keeps Dan-O’s on its menu as believers of the products and as a supporter of local business. Lindsay also has ties to Dan-O’s founder Dan Oliver, as he and her brother grew up together. After that, she met the company’s number one hype man (Toothpick Timmy) at Dan’s previous job. Dan-O’s has been in the picture ever since, and now you might even see Lindsay’s staff wearing co-branded Dan-O’s and Linsday’s Kitchen shirts in the restaurant! So, needless to say, the team at Dan-O’s is grateful to be featured at Lindsay’s Kitchen and is glad our seasoning helped bring some of us through the doors. Because many of us would be back getting our fix of down-home cooking even if we weren’t on the menu. Lindsay’s Kitchen can be found at 300 Cane Run Rd, Louisville, KY 40258 and their hours are 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. Stop in to try out the Dan-O’s-seasoning items (or anything else) and check their Facebook Page to see the daily specials.

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