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Dan-O’s Makes its On-Screen Big Game Debut

Dan-O’s Makes its On-Screen Big Game Debut

Published Sunday, February 7th, 2021 / 9:55 AM

After a monumental year for the company, Dan-O’s Seasoning started 2021 off with a bang by launching its first-ever Big Game commercial. The commercial’s goal was to share the popular blend of herbs and spices with a larger community while providing the same fun and entertainment you can expect in the Big Game.

The most impressive fact about filming and creating the Dan-O’s Seasoning Big Game commercial is that it was created in about two days! That’s how long the team at Dan-O’s Seasoning and Crosby Interactive had between getting the green light and the date the commercial was due.

So, what is it like making a Big Game commercial in about two days? What it sounds like: hectic, fun, and full of surprises. And what made the video the entertaining success that it was, is that Dan-O, in Big Game spirit, wanted to feature a Clydesdale horse in the video (which is surprisingly hard to find even in Kentucky).

After finding their horse and visiting its farm, the team encountered a Billy Goat kidding around on the property. To the team, the goat was the perfect unscripted, last-minute addition to the commercial. Many people consider Tom Brady, who is once competing in the Big Game, the G.O.A.T. (or greatest of all time), which made the goat the perfect parallel for Brady as it found its way into the script and video.

After watching the commercial, you might think that everything went as smooth as the eggs Dan-O’s is often sprinkled on. To the contrary, the animals wanted to have their fun with the visitors, which included ear-biting, knocking over equipment, and chasing the team for food. It was also around 30 degrees at the time of filming, and nobody seemed to check the weather.

The Clydesdale that was the original star of the commercial is a local rescue horse that the team was proud to support. And while it seems like Toothpick Timmy could be a natural on the horse, it took several minutes of him riding around throwing out one-liners until cameraman Brad got the shot he was after.

It is important to note that besides an unwilling zipper on Toothpick’s jacket… the animals did not get fed any Dan-O’s Seasoning or anything outside of their normal diets. Instead, the owner of the farm offered a bucket of feed to keep the goat and horse occupied. The feed was also in the seasoning bottle cap at the point in the video when the goat was going after the bottle.

After filming, the Crosby Interactive and Dan-O’s team headed to the lab to work their video editing and production magic. The production team included: cameraman Brad Clem and Director Drew (Andrew Schweinhart), two of the core creators from the team, with special help from Daniel Rucker with audio engineering.

The Dan-O’s team is excited to share the name Dan-O’s Seasoning with a larger audience and hopes to continue producing great content in primetime television spots. While the Big Game spot this year was only regionally televised, perhaps a national spot isn’t too far off in the future! You can find this video above for any of Dan-O’s nation-wide fans who may have missed it.

This Big Game spot is a major milestone for the Dan-O’s team as it continues its quest to become a household name on game-days and every other cooking occasion. To try the seasoning for yourself, you can find a variety of options in the Dan-O’s Seasoning Online Store.

** No animals were hurt in the making of this video. As the commercial says, please sprinkle responsible.

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