Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read through this document, as there are some important rules and procedures. By accepting these terms, you are agreeing to each item outlined in this document. 

Right to terminate 

Dan-O’s Seasoning has the right to terminate any affiliate who’s actions violate our rules or don’t meet brand standards. An affiliate may be terminated or have their contract ended based on performance, inactivity, or the needs of the company. 

PayPal requirement 

To meet the volume of our growing affiliate audience, we have begun requiring a PayPal email to be present for all affiliates. If you do not have a PayPal account, we suggest getting one. Signup is easy and makes us paying you as simple as possible. 

Right to make program changes 

Dan-O’s Seasoning has the sole right to make changes to its affiliate program and processes. This includes payouts, affiliate status, approvals, commission rates, signup, and verification methods. 

Discount codes 

Affiliates do not receive a discount code. Your affiliate code can be used in the coupon code section of checkout, but will not provide a customer with a discount. If a customer is seeking a discount, please see the affiliate FAQ in your affiliate dashboard for a few ideas. 

Commission tracking 

Commission will only be credited when a referral link or referral code is used. There are no exceptions to commissions outside of what the website tracks. Users who accept cookies and use your referral link will have a 90-day window to purchase for full credit, so long as they do not delete the cookie. All affiliates will receive a 10% commission on orders that are placed with their affiliate code or link. 

Receiving a payment 

Affiliates will be paid out at the beginning of each month for their previous month’s sales. Payments will be automatically sent to the payment email address that is on file through PayPal. 

Performance tracking 

Any affiliate can track their performance, including site visitors and commissions in their affiliate dashboard. The dashboard will be available for users who are accepted to the affiliate program and can be accessed by logging into your account. 

Getting tips and help 

Affiliates are responsible for creating content that works for their audience. However, we have provided some tips for promoting, answers to frequently asked questions, and an affiliate help section exclusively for our affiliates. This can be accessed in your affiliate dashboard once you are accepted as an affiliate. 

Rights to use affiliate content

Dan-O’s Seasoning has the right to use or share or use any content that an affiliate creates with the Dan-O’s Seasoning name and trademarked materials. In most instances, you will be credited for creating the content. 

Removals for inactivity 

Any affiliate who does not actively promote or use their affiliate code or referral link for more than 2 months may be removed from the program. If you are removed, you are welcome to reapply or contact us about having your account reinstated. 

General Removals

While it is rare, at any time, Dan-O’s Seasoning reserves the right to remove any affiliate from its affiliate program with or without written notice or explanation. These removals can relate to inactivity, changing business needs, or violations of affiliate terms and brand standards. 


General rules 

  • Don’t spam – Examples of spam would be unsolicited emails … automated comments on social media, etc. Please be organic and honest when it comes to content and pitching Dan-O’s
  • No coupon sites – If you are given a coupon, please do not share it with a coupon site. We will specify if you can share a discount with followers, or if it’s for personal use. Please keep it that way.
  • No discount sharing – Unless authorized, do not share any discount code given to you with your followers. 
  • Do not be excessively vulgar, or R-rated – If you are representing the brand, do not be overly vulgar, violent, or use excessive foul language.
  • No political or social issues when promoting the brand – Please avoid bringing politics or social issues into play when using Dan-O’s. These are sensitive times, and when used in relation to the brand, these can bring harmful associations. We support your beliefs, but please don’t make them the beliefs of Dan-O’s.
  • No religion, sex, or drug references when promoting the brand 
  • No medical claims – Yes Dan-O’s is healthy, but it is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical conditions. It might seem silly, but please don’t make claims that it will.
  • No sharing of sensitive information – Sensitive information may include addresses of employees, unauthorized access to your affiliate account, sharing of an undisclosed contract or agreement, or sharing of product, marketing or trade secrets. If it seems like something you shouldn’t share with someone, please don’t.


Dan-O’s Seasoning reserves the right to terminate affiliates or end their contracts based on the violation of these rules and brand standards.