Coborn’s Spices up Retail Offerings with Dan-O’s


St.Cloud, MN –  Coborn’s is spicing up their offerings with Dan-O’s! This new strategic partnership is introducing Dan-O’s into 80 stores across Minnesota, Missouri,  Wisconsin, North and Dakota. This comes on the coattails of Dan-O’s expanded distribution dealings with Walmart and Kroger,which helped expand the retail distribution of Dan-O’s  to an additional 7,400 stores nationwide.  “As we partner with retail vendors throughout the country, we understand the importance of adding value to their stores,” said Jon Hayes, Director of Business Development for Dan-O’s Seasoning. “They purchase our product to add value to their spice and seasoning portfolio and add a great tasting, healthy option for their health-minded customers.” Now available in 80 stores across Minnesota and North Dakota, Coborn’s is serving up Dan-O’s Original and Spicy in their 3.5 oz sizes, Dan-O’s Chipotle is not available in Coborn’s chain of stores but is available online at You can find the closest Coborn’s to you using our store locator. Dan-O’s is excited to continue and grow with Coborn’s as this partnership develops. 

AP Newswire Covers Dan-O’s success on TikTok and rapid growth

Danos apnews

Louisville,KY – Dan-O’s was recently covered by AP News who highlighted the brand’s success with TikTok, and the expanded distribution deal with Walmart Inc and The Kroger Co. Viral success AP News showcased how Dan-O’s founder Dan Oliver pivoted to a “Plan B” pandemic marketing strategy at the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Social media was one of the only ways to get in front of folks and, once they were able to try Dan-O’s, the quality spoke for itself.” The content produced on Dan-O’s Tiktok includes recipes, cooking tips, and, of course, Oliver’s trademark personality. With #danosseasoning accruing more than 1 billion views, the brand averages more than 150 million views a month. Oliver attributes the success to authenticity. “I grabbed some ingredients and a six-pack and started making videos in my kitchen,” Oliver said. “People loved it. They responded to our authenticity.” Expanded Distribution Also highlighted was Dan-O’s expanded distribution deal with Walmart Inc. and The Kroger Co.. Landing Dan-O’s in every store in their network. Dan-O’s will also be landing at every B.J.’s Wholesale Club Location, Ingles market, Raley’s Supermarkets, and nearly a dozen other retailers. The expansion represents an almost 6,000 percent increase in retail availability since 2020 – a jump from 130 stores to 7,800 this spring. Dan-O’s is available in 49 of 50 U.S. States and online. We would like to thank AP News for it’s coverage of the company as it continues to grow and become a staple in households across America.

WHAS 11 Covers Dan-O’s Spicy Marketing and Retail Expansion


Louisville,KY – WHAS 11 recently featured Dan-O’s in their Community Corner during their April 28th broadcast. The clip highlights how Dan-O’s has experienced a 6000% boost in retail availability, while previously only being available online and at local flea markets. The significant boost is a result from Dan-O’s switching to their “Plan B” tik-tok marketing strategy due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Dan-O’s Seasoning is now available in more than 7,400 retail locations like Walmart, Farway, Kroger and Meijer in addition to their online presence on sites like Amazon. You can learn more about Dan-O’s Seasoning roll out here. This retail rollout comes on the coattails after the announcement of Dan-O’s being introduced to all 219 BJ’s Wholesale Club Locations. You can learn more about BJ’s Wholesale Club and Dan-O’s Seasoning partnership here.

Dan-O’s Own Holds Their Own in Montgomery County BBQ festival

Dan-Os BBQ Crew

Houston, TX – For 38 years, Dan-O’s very own flavor slanger Derek A.’s family has participated in the Montgomery County BBQ festival in Houston. It all started with Derek’s Uncle, who along with some of his pilot buddies, used the event as an excuse to get together, make some BBQ, have a beer and catch up. Competition was never a priority for the OG group Dubbing themselves the “Ain’t Never Won Nothing Yet Bunch”. But as the years rolled by and new generations started to participate in the tradition, competing started to sound appealing. “All of us never guys have a passion for cooking and competition” Derek shares but it wasn’t just a combination of passion that got the new generation into gear but a common goal of getting the name changed. Derek’s uncle agreed they could change the name on one condition: They gotta win something. The “bunch” decided to focus on ribs this year facing off against 140+ other competitors all for the chance of thetitle. But they didn’t have the latest and greatest equipment, they had a 10 year old pit with one glaring issue. The pit had trouble regulating its heat, which in a competition where consistency and heat changes can make a huge difference in the final product, was a huge challenge for the “Bunch”. But the “bunch” rose to the occasion and for the first time in 38 years, they placed 9th in Ribs overall.  Derek states their secret rub was a mixture of OG Dan-O’s, spicy Dan-O’s and a finish of rib candy. “Dan-O’s in my opinion was a big reason why we placed in ribs this year. The unique flavor of Rosemary, Cumin, and Heat along with the sweet finish of the Rib Candy set us apart from the others.” The “Ain’t Never Won Nothing Yet Bunch” is in the process of changing their name, logo and building a new cooker. They plan on using Dan-O’s again in next year’s competition and for years to come but more importantly, building a winning tradition for years to come!